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January: An Eventful Month

Usually when January ends I would be like, “That was fast!” and wonder how the month flew by just like that. It’s quite different this time. Last month was pretty damn eventful that it would be a waste not to write about it and look back on all the events that took place. This might be a long one!

My childhood best friend Hazel celebrated her 30th with a bang. 3 decades is a feat and should be celebrated just like she did it. We’ve been friends for 23 years and I’ve missed her birthdays because I would always be out of the country for Christmas but I’m glad I was here this time, and for her 30th at that!

Jana also celebrated her 17th birthday at home with about 30 of her friends. The older my sister grows the older it makes me but honestly, it just feels like the generation gap between us gets smaller. She was such a baby to me before, but now I can even start taking her out with my friends.

Professional Milestone
It is with a bit of sadness that I say I am no longer a digital nomad. The upside is, it’s a step up the ladder in my professional journey. New industry, new challenges, new people, and a new office.. but still at the core of my “expertise” which is marketing. Excited to see what this journey brings me. It feels a bit full circle, from studying most of my life in an international school, now here I am working in one. Talk about giving back.

Last year ended with a bit of conflict with a few of my friends. Our group (Cebu friends) went through a tumultuous conflict that wasn’t properly resolved. Adult friendships are not as simple as we would like it and it took a toll on some relationships but I wanted 2017 to be free of that. To end this summary even though other relationships weren’t rekindled I made sure to close my side and re-foster strong friendships, albeit treading a little bit more carefully this time.

I received a late Christmas present from a special friend and I always appreciate that he remembers me even though we don’t see each other that often. Sometimes the past doesn’t have to be so heavy on me. I also formed new friendships in the form of a Russian gentleman, and learned so much about a new ethnicity that I am normally not exposed to, all thanks to Sed for linking us up.

Wedding Invitations
A few (or more if you count it) of my good friends are getting married this year. January had me attending the first ever wedding of the year at the first week, and a few special invitations towards the year. One where I potentially have to fly back to Jakarta (a very special person’s wedding) and one more where I have a role so I can’t miss it.

Ahhh, the ever crazy adulting. I don’t want to bore you or even myself with the details but January had me going back and forth to the bank a few times, with more than a few bank related transactions not only for myself and my family members abroad (sometimes I feel like I have to charge an admin fee or something). I had to buy new glasses because in less than 6 months my grade shot up from 0.75 to 1.5–que horror! This new job also called for a shopping trip because the last time I had a corporate job was in 2011 and looking primp and proper needs to be of importance.

Thanks a lot January, ciao for now!

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