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The Sunday Currently, v29

Pre-meditation quarantine edition.

Honestly? Like I’m about to have another anxiety attack any minute. I had 2 major ones last week but none yet after that, thank goodness. Otherwise, I’ve been feeling pretty okay and trying to stay as positive as I can. I’ve been exercising, reading books, meditating, doing yoga.. activities that I’ve been putting off because of how every day life gets so busy.

I was watching a rerun of New Moon on HBO Family while eating my dinner and my mom was saying how it was totally a downer so we ended up watching this documentary in Indonesian on Arirang. It was about a social enterprise that Koreans built in Jakarta to help kids on the street gain skills for jobs in the city to better the society.

I just discovered this remix today and totally loving it.. then I realize is it the one that’s been around on Tiktok so much? Tiktok has seriously changed the way we’ve been feeling songs.


REVIEW: After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid – The Never Ending Bookshelf

After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I’ve been having a good streak with reading so far, and it was one of my goals for the year—see blog post below. I didn’t think I would be able to catch up on reading because of a current world pandemic but alas, that’s where we’re at.

Carrot walnut cake with amazing cream cheese frosting. Thankful that my favorite sweet indulgences in Cebu are still open doing deliveries and pickups.

About possible things to do this coming week because I don’t have work and it’s supposed to be Easter break / Holy Week. I’m trying to put on a mindset about how I’m supposed to look forward to this holiday week even with this quarantine season going on. Thinking in terms of what I would do if I just got off a full week of busy work and a week-long staycation is waiting for me at home. It’s a challenge, but it helps.

Ah, a lot. For this COVID situation to go away, for the health and safety of all those affected and the frontliners who are in their aid, for the government to step up, for Cebu to continue to have this streak of no infections (3 days and counting now), and for the world to restore back to its original state.

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