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The Sunday Currently, v31

I’m now in my room now with A/C on full blast, but was feeling ridiculously annoyed a while ago because of tonight’s humidity. I have a feeling rain’s gonna just pour in a few hours hitting us hard. That feeling when you feel fresh after shower but start sweating as soon as your change into your new clothes? I hate it. The evening too!

I watched 2 no-brainer movies on Netflix today, both were meh really but still had enjoyable moments.

Love, Guaranteed (2020) - IMDb
Because you all know how much I’m a sucker for rom-coms. Also Rachael Leigh Cook, who’s 40 this year, and the princess of 90s romcoms, did great here despite the overall subpar quality of the movie.
The Sleepover - Wikipedia
This was stupidly fun, a good time passer.

I was reading about this old chat with a close friend from high school and came across this gem (LOOOOL) because he said it reminded him of me. I listen to this song about once a year and each time I still know the words to the song 1000000%. No shame.

Life by Lu Yao. I’m not really sure how this ended up in my Kindle but I just started a few chapters this week after finishing Kevin Kwan’s Sex & Vanity (which wasn’t as great as the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, but still an enjoyable read). With this pandemic and having little agency of a social life, that means I can hopefully complete or even beat my Goodreads Reading Challenge this year.

Life by Lu Yao

Nothing right now, but for dinner my close friend who runs TheThursdayGrill delivered me some yummy bbq!

It’s nice to write about not having any conflicting thoughts right now—at least not one that’s bothering me so much, but I have been thinking about this one person subconsciously, I don’t know how to explain it. The just-running-through-my-head kind of thoughts.

For this pandemic to keep slowing down and hopefully eradicate itself from this world. We’re finally adjusting to the ~new normal~ of things, and it’s been feeling like a slow burn. I’m just looking forward to when we can finally freely travel and live life as we should.

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