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The Sunday Currently, v32

A little bit all over the place. It’s nice to feel that my weekends are finally coming back: hanging out with my friends on a Saturday, and brunch out with my family today. We’re living a “new normal” world right now with all these safety precautions, the need for life in the outside world will always be there.

A friend brought up something very important last night where he said life can’t just stop for everyone. These 6 months have been hard on us to say the least, but it just can’t stop. Life has to keep going, and people need to keep on living. As real and obvious as that sounds, it just really hit me hard.

On another note, it’s been an emotionally exhausting week for me. Unseen evils can’t help creeping back in but the best thing I can do is to rise above it, as difficult as they are.

Just finished 8 episodes of Emily in Paris on Netflix. I love these kind of shows. An escape from life. I didn’t even try to finish it in one go coz I’m not going to have something to look forward to anymore. I’ve always been a fan of anything from Darren Star, from Sex and the City, to 90210, to Younger.. so I knew this was going to be my cup of tea.

I’ve been listening to a lot of pH-1 lately. I hope he releases more English tracks.

When it comes to reading books, I haven’t been really active lately but I just got a copy of Jessica’s Shine so I’m probably planning to pick it up one of these days as a light read. I’m not really into YA anymore, but I’m definitely curious about the story of this book.

Not currently eating anything but I had a good food day today!

In my previous TSC (a month ago?? holy shiz time flies) I wrote about how I was happy that I didn’t have any conflicting thoughts but it’s the complete 180 right now, there’s been this though that’s been bothering me for days and even making me cry. That’s life, I guess.

With the way things have been going, I just hope this year ends on a good note. We all need it, the world needs it. It’s crazy how this year feels like it just started then boom, it’s now October and we only have a few months left until 2020 ends. I hope the year ends and we can start the new year on a much brighter note. It feels like a tall order with everything that’s happened but that’s why there’s hope, right?

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  1. That’s the hope, that the new year will be better on all of us although I haven’t given up hope entirely yet for 2020.

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