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The Sunday Currently, v33

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I did a TSC. Felt like yesterday I was binge-watching Emily in Paris on a Sunday afternoon.

In between feeling cold because of my full blast AC and completely hot and humid because of night rain. For some reason this is completely annoying the heck out of me right now.

Nothing currently, but I was trying to look for reviews of this laptop stand that I want to get on Shopee, so I went through a couple of videos of similar products. I wanted to make sure that the angles were the kind that I wanted. Ideally I’d like a flexible one because the stand/riser I have is pretty much static so I can’t move my laptop according to the view or angle that I want.

I was also watching highlights from the US Open Women’s finals today, and I’m so proud of the new generation of ace tennis players! Absolutely rooting for Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez’s tennis careers.


As of this morning, I finally picked up my Kindle for what seems like the first time this year and started reading the new installment of Bromance Book Club—this series is really good, okay??—and hopefully this will ignite my reading streak.
A bit late to this song but it’s such a bop. I blame TikTok for getting me into these K-pop songs that aren’t usually in my radar or songs of groups or singers that I follow.

Nothing. I had pizza for late lunch, not sure if I’m gonna eat again. It’s 10pm which is such a dangerous time to eat.

About how my AC is so freaking cold right now but the moment I turn it off I’m gonna be sweating from this humidity. I swear haha.

For a good week! And to play tennis again next weekend. This morning’s session wasn’t enough.

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