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Josh Beech the Music Man

I have a feeling this “fangirling” posts are gonna go one after the other. This time, it’s the super hot Josh Beech. I’ve always had this soft spot for male models with tattoos. Usually the male models I see are all skinny, clean and boring. Ash Stymest, Josh Beech and Cole Mohr were probably the innovators of tattoo clad/post-modern models. Needless to say, I am a big fan of all three. Photo by Luke Nugent If it’s not obvious yet, my favorite is Josh Beech and this usually means hours of looking him up online (and documenting it). Finding the spreads he’s been part of, endorsements, runways he’s walked for… which lead to discovering that not only he is a model, but also a music man. His preference of music usually leans to alternative and rock of the 90s, which kind of reflects his style of music too. This is a video I found about a year ago and I couldn’t help but notice how his singing style sort of resembles Brandon Boyd of Incubus …

Blog List

This is gonna be quick, there are things I want to blog about but don’t have time at the moment, so Ima just list them all here so that I won’t forget! – recent events (wedding vows, stripper night, new friends) – death and loss, which I kind of don’t wanna go into but let’s see – bff’s fashion show – time spent because of work and other things Rest assured I’m gonna get to blogging these soon with photos so this post will be a reminder! =)