Day 25 – Your favorite: Recipe and comfort food

My favorite recipe is the super easy to do BCP (Bacon Cheese Pasta), which can also be called a simple carbonara. It’s always been my go to pasta recipe because I’m more into white sauce than red.

Ingredients include, but not limited to:

  • 1 pack of pasta – any sort, but I like to use either linguine, spaghetti, or fettuccine. I’ve tried it with farfalle and rigatoni and it just didn’t work (the photos on google images look so good though!).
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 to 2 blocks of cheese – mozarella or parmesan (tried both and it works well)
  • 3-5 long bacon strips

Boil/cook the pasta, I like to put a bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt to the pan so it doesn’t stick too much. While the pasta cooks you can crack your eggs open and beat them until they’re mixed well. Grate your cheese block. GRATE IT ALL until finish and put them in a bowl together with the beated eggs. At this point you can add seasoning if you like, salt, pepper, or even milk. Mix both together and let it sit for a bit. Cut your bacon strips into however you want. Big, or small then fry them up. Fry fry fry until they dry. If you like it crispy then fry them to a crisp but if you like them soft and ham-like (my style) just let them fry until cooked.

Once pasta is done boiling you can strain the water out and IMMEDIATELY put the hot pasta inside the bowl with the grated cheese and eggs because the heat of the pasta will turn it into yummy white sauce. Put the bacon, mix everything together and voila, easy peesy instant carbonara.

This feeds 5! I’m pretty sure this isn’t the perfect way to do it but it’s how I DO it and it’s been working pretty good for me these past few years.

When it comes to comfort food there is only one thing I can say: CARBS. Carbs and Coke are my best and worst friend. Anything with potato is comfort food: frieds, mashed potato, baked potato, then there are pot pies, meat bread, sandwich, panini, dimsum, ramen, instant noodles, Indomie. The list will just go on if I don’t stop!

Day 23 – What’s your schedule like?

I like talking about my schedule. I start work mid afternoons usually around 2/3/4pm and I’m out by midnight. I like this schedule for a lot of reasons, I’ve always been a night owl and almost nocturnal so this schedule enables me to sleep late, and wake up late (which is probably the best thing in the world). I get to do bank errands in the morning, or have a late brunch with friends, and I can use whatever break I have at night to have dinner with friends or with family and I wouldn’t be too tired (con: limited time though). On Fridays I get to go straight to a chill night of drinking, or usually a party, whatever is happening that night.

In my previous 8-5 jobs back in Jakarta I would always be guilty of sleeping late (waaay past midnight) and waking up early (at ungodly hours of 5 or 6am), usually getting only 3-4 hours of sleep because I would stay up and catch up on my shows, my feeds, and everything else.. which was caused by reaching home late because of bad Jakarta traffic where I would be sitting my ass in the car for a good 2-3, even 4 hours (H E L L), as if sitting in an office with people you didn’t like wasn’t bad enough. Phew, no negativity. That world is over.

Being back in Cebu, my travel time is 30-40 minutes to work and up to 1 hour with REALLY bad traffic already, and ONLY a good 12-17 minutes going home because midnight = no traffic, no rush hour and HAPPINESS. I have more time to sleep, more time to do yoga, more time to catch up on things. I like it because for me, it’s the best of both worlds, I could never work in a night/graveyard shift setting, and a morning shift would just be uggghhhh (what a way to describe it, right? heh).


Day 22 – Tell me: What do you want to do for a living?

At this point in my quarter life, I think I definitely belong in the millenial workforce. I like a flexible schedule in an office but not entirely doing the same shit every day. I like being in a team where my brain cells are constantly activated and working, and I’m able to generate ideas and implement them. That’s what I would like to do and I think I want my career to keep going that direction (with improvement, of course) wherever I work.

Having said that, my hobbies and interests have always leaned towards the performing arts. I love to sing and dance. Choreographed and technical dancing is something I’m not entirely great at, but singing, on the other hand is something that I’m quite confident in, even though I lack a lot of practice. My secret (well not so secret anymore) dream job would be an acoustic cover singer in nice hotels or bars, or even in cruise ships and hotels abroad. I don’t know why. Alas, the future didn’t take me there but I’m pretty happy to be where I am!

Day 21 – Memories: Where have you traveled?

So many memories to fill in just one post. I haven’t traveled to that many places, but I can definitely say I’ve traveled enough and lived in another country long enough to understand different cultures better, be more open minded about certain situations, and have dealt with my fair share of travel experiences.

I’ve traveled alone and with people and I can definitely say while traveling alone is great, nothing beats the company of friends and/or family. I’ve yet to travel to these continents: Europe, America, and Africa. I would love to in the near future!

My last memorable travel was to Seoul last year. It made me learn a couple of things about myself, how I hate the cold, but I love Seoul so so so so much. I think it’s a place I wouldn’t visiting from time to time to remind myself that order in a city/country is possible in a world of chaos.

One country/city I’m very familiar with as much as my own is Singapore. I’ve been to Singapore every year (sometimes twice or thrice) for the last 16 years of my life. I think this year is when I break that Singapore streak because I haven’t traveled out of the country yet so far.

I moved to Ujung Pandang, Indonesia (now Makassar) when I was barely a year old or around a year old, then spent a few years there, and went back to the Philippines to do my growing up. I think it’s safe to say I’ve been to more cities in Indonesia than I have ever been in the Philippines, which is kind of sad and I think should definitely change. I’ve been to Bali, to Yogyakarta where the Borrobudur temple is, and a few cities in Java along the way because that was a crazy-ass 15 hour drive that I wish to forget. You know how they say the journey is more important than the destination? Yeah, that didn’t apply at all. I’ve been to Bintan Island (via Singapore since it’s actually nearer) Last year I went to Cirebon to visit my dad and I loved it there. So chill without the hustle and bustle of Jakarta.

For my graduation, I traveled to Perth, Australia and spent a couple of weeks there. If Perth is an indication of how the rest of Australia is, then I would definitely want to live there forever, or at least retire. They say Melbourne is better, and I would love to go there as well, but Perth was just the kind of city I would want to be part in. It has a lot of things going on, but it’s not suffocating, nor busy. Areas are vast and there’s just so much good nature to take in. I didn’t even know people were capable of spending their office lunch breaks laying out a picnic blanket in the grass outside of their office buildings, lay there, and eat their sandwiches with a good book until I went to Perth. I was like, “I WANT THAT TO BE MY FUTURE!”

Asia (particularly Southeast Asia) is generally easy to travel to. I’ve also been to Hong Kong a few times, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, and Brunei (I think? Though it doesn’t count since I don’t remember it).

I’d love to go somewhere not Asia anymore, unless it’s Japan (HELLO, bucket list?!). We have travel plans for the UK next year and I hope that materializes. As much as I love to travel, it’s the journey that ultimately annoys me because I’m iffy with plane rides, have love/hate relationships with airports and hate the part where I can NEVER sleep while traveling. So yeah, can I have some apparition powers, please?