The Sunday Currently, v3

It’s literally Monday because it’s past 12 but who’s keeping count? I just woke up.

Reading Casting news on 50 Shades of Grey. Woke up to news Sunday morning that Charlie Hunnam dropped out. I’ve expressed my dislike over the series but I won’t say I’m not looking forward to the movie developments.

Writing This entry. Texting people.

Listening Kahi’s new album, Who Are You? The music video for It’s Me is particularly beautiful, and was shot in Barcelona, Spain.

Thinking About how I’m so thirsty.

Wishing 1) That this week goes by okay at work before I leave for Jakarta and that I can buy everything I need before my trip! 2) For yoga class to be nice tomorrow because my back has been hurting.

Hoping That this hangover goes away. It’s been almost 24 hours!

Wearing A shirt that says MARKETING.

Loving How strong I’m starting to become.

Wanting New heels for my bridesmaid dress.

Needing That special someone. To stop being so closed off with my “REAL DEAL” feelings.

Feeling Pretty accomplished. 4 straight days of yoga last week, topped it off with a super tiring Pop dance class on Friday, then that major cardio during Saturday night’s crazy partying. Not bad, self!

Clicking Mark as read to some feeds I don’t care about reading anymore.

The Sunday Currently, v2

Reading Old text messages so I can figure out which ones to delete. And all the articles about BBM being available for iPhone and Android because I want to know when I can get mine! This is the first time having a US App Store account gave me a disadvantage.

Writing I don’t know if this qualifies as “writing” but I’m creating a banner for this series so that’s what I’m doing on Photoshop.

Listening The Voice of the Philippines on TV downstairs.

Thinking About how it’s payday this week. Woohoo! Plus how my bridesmaid dress is going to look like. I had measurements done last weekend and I couldn’t be more excited to see how it looks. Novella sent over some fabric from Indonesia and since she has 19 bridesmaids (IKR) she let us have control of our own dresses but stick to a color scheme.

Smelling Eucalyptus. Just had a massage about an hour ago. It was a killer massage because of all the yoga I’ve been doing.

Wishing That monthly visits arrive soon. I know I didn’t continue the pill prescription my OB gave me and only stuck with the Provera, but I am late once again and I hope it doesn’t go on for ANOTHER 4 months. Ugh. I really want to avoid taking pills.

Hoping For this week to be nice, and problem free. Plus this hip pain to go away.

Wearing All black everything. Black tank, black shorts.

Loving That everyday I get to sleep in because I work afternoons.

Wanting To buy a better yoga mat (=very expensive), but I have a lot of other financial priorities! Also, I kind of want to eat something sweet.

Needing Please see “Wishing” as it is pretty much the same.

Feeling A bit hot (no AC, no fan) but I know if I turn the AC on I will freeze again. It’s a never-ending battle of body temperature for me!

Clicking The publish post button!

The Sunday Currently, v1

I know it’s technically Monday already because it’s exactly 12:16am right now but I don’t care, I’m doing this! Excitement is still there, it’d be too late if I waited until next week. Anything that can make me a much more diligent blogger these days.

Got this from Helga and this is where it started.

Reading This cheesy free e-book from iBooks called Resisting the Bad Boy by Violet Duke. It’s not as bad as how I thought it would be! It’s pretty cute actually. Started reading it a few weekends ago when I was bored in the province and I go back to it when I can’t sleep.

Writing This blog entry!

Listening U&I by Ailee. Currently my jam.

As far as non K-pop it’s The Lumineers’ Stubborn Love.

Thinking About travel plans next month! I finally booked my tickets to go back to Jakarta for late October because one of my best girlfriends from uni is getting married. I haven’t been back since February last year! This is the longest time I’ve been away from Jakarta in the past 15 years of my life so it’s making me think about so many things! I’m also thinking about how to make my dress since she sent over fabric already, and how I’m going to spend my entire 7 days. I am excited! Yet so unprepared for some reason. Wow, a lot of exclamation marks there.

Smelling Almost NOTHING! I’ve been down with the flu since last Tuesday. It sucks.

Wishing I had more money right now. The things I could do with it.

Hoping Mostly for this flu to go away. Of course there are always more things to hope for, but for now I just really need to get rid of this flu.

Wearing An old green t-shirt and checkered lady boxers.

Loving Yoga. I’ve been doing yoga weekly for over a month now, and I am loving it. It’s one of those “overhyped” things I try to stay away from but end up loving anyway. As they say, it’s really good not only for the body, but also for the mind. The way I felt after my very first Vinyasa class was unforgettable.

40 Days of Dating. It’s about two friends who decided to create a project and date each other for 40 days–the time it usually takes to break a habit. It may be over, but it was a good ride. I knew they weren’t gonna end up together (seriously helped my cynicism) but I loved how the project was more than feelings. It was art, friendship, typography, and sharing them with the world. Also, I am aware about how I said I hated it in my previous post. Obviously, hate = love.

Wanting NARS Blush in Orgasm

NARS Velvet Matte Jumbo Lip Pencil in Damned.

I was in Rustan’s last night and swatched/tried these products on my skin. Most of the beauty blogs I read swear by NARS’ Orgasm as an HG blush and now I know why. I also got to try a couple of their lip products and fell in love with this huge-ass lip pencil that goes by the name Damned. I thought I looked really nice!

Needing Someone who’s able to take care of me. Someone I want to take care of. To let go of a lot of fears.

Feeling I feel okay. Content. I am happy with where I’m at right now. A talk with my mom came up last night about how I should be applying for jobs abroad or something, but I don’t want to, yet. I’m okay with where I am. Besides, I’ve been abroad for more than half of my life. I want to enjoy the homeland.

Clicking My finished download of this week’s Camp. I think there’s one more episode left!