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I was going through my old posts and remembering how expressive I used to be with my blogging, and pretty elaborate too. I may not have had perfect grammar and admirable wit, but I wrote, wrote and loved it. I blame Twitter and Tumblr. I stopped using WP because Tumblr was at its peak 2008-2009 and I didn’t really have anything much to say anymore because there were all these pretty photos I could describe. I also spew out about a hundred tweets a day (exaggeration) but I hardly blog anymore. Has advanced technology really reduced me to be a lazy thinker and writer? I used to look forward to blogging with a thousand ideas in my head so much! Unfortunately, I can’t say the same anymore.. so here I am again blogging about my lack of blogging skills which is starting to become so redundant already.

Speaking about writing, I actually have a screenplay that’s been in my hard drive for a while now. I think I started it about 2 or 3 years ago and it wasn’t till a few months ago that I discovered it again and continued the flow. The thing is, I don’t have a definite story. The first time I started with it I had the story in mind, but as time went on I couldn’t really see it going anywhere. I guess the reason why it’s taken so long for me to write it is because I’m still figuring out where to go with the story, and develop the characters to my liking. I’ve only ever let one person read it, and sometimes when I go through it I cringe because I don’t know if it’s even readable at all. This is a small excerpt from the file.. It’s been almost 3 years and I’ve only done 4 scenes. I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right, I’ve only learned some terminologies because I got into a phase where I was obsessed with screenplays and read the ones from all my favorite movies.

It’s basically about a strained friendship between two people, but as I want to develop the story I actually don’t know where I’m headed. Will it have a happy ending? Or will it be depressing and end up with both of them dead in a car accident? I guess I’ll just have to go with time on this.

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