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Hump Day Randoms

I’ve been following A Softer World for more than 3 years now, sometimes I don’t understand it but the wit is usually on point and incredible. Like the one above.

I bought these from ASOS the other day. So cute and cheap for only less than $11. I’ve become kind of an ASOS junkie lately.. I can’t resist their sales but in the end I do anyway. I recently bought a bag and another bag is on the way, it hasn’t arrived although it’s been close to a month. Patience and self-control is really what you need when it comes to online shopping.

Have you listened to Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne? It’s automatically included in my 2011 Best Album list. The level of epic is just awesome. My favorite tracks are New Day, Lift Off (feat. Beyonce) and everything else.

Unlike 3 years ago, I didn’t get to watch Incubus in Jakarta this time. It’s a shame now because I have money to pay for concerts but no time to go because they’re on a workday/night. Back when I was a student I had all the time in the world but no money. Funny how life works. I was pretty bummed out, I had to keep myself from crying and couldn’t listen to anything Incubus for a week until I broke it with rocking out to all their David Letterman performances. So envious of my Incusisters but I live vicariously through them.

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