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Work, Weekend & Beer

One in the A.M. on a Monday and a new work week begins again and is probably going to be the most hectic week since I started in this company, blame the audit. I even worked overtime on Saturday with the team and while it was tiring and stressful to wake up at 6am while most of the people were enjoying sleeping in, being with friends later that night made all the difference. Fuck tired if you have fun after, right?

Since it was International Beer Day on Saturday the 5th of August, my friends and I (most especially myself), decided to be true to the day and spent it with good food, great laughs and beers. I rushed straight after work! While my friends only had a bottle each, I rewarded myself with three. I remember the time when I used to hate beer so much, I couldn’t stand the taste.. now it’s pretty much a part of me. I don’t drink it often but when I do I definitely enjoy it. Of course, given the food that came before it, everything depends on that. I ordered a classic gourmet burger so beer was definitely a good closing.

Dinner and drinks @ KOI

There’s just something about spending your weekend with the right people to take away all the tiredness from work. I guess the reason why last weekend was particularly great is because the past work week has been pretty full with preparing for this upcoming week. Forgot to bring a camera coz I was in a rush (I even reached the restaurant with we hair. Fail) so we took photos with our phone instead. Thank goodness for smartphones.

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