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Parents & Facebook Timeline

Some few weeks ago while in the car with my parents both of them wouldn’t shut up about this guy that may or may not be part of my life right now. My mom friended him on Facebook (GAH) and just kept grilling me with questions about him and if all my recent statuses had something to do with him. So I shouted, “I’M GONNA UNFRIEND BOTH OF YOU TOMORROW!” My dad laughed, my mom shouted back, “DON’T YOU DARE!” Being an only child for 12 years and have an extremely close relationship with your parents, conversations like these with them aren’t unfamiliar at all.

I remember when I first started out with Facebook and had a lot of crazy photos (aka when parents had no knowledge about social networking) account privacy didn’t have much of a strong impact then so I made sure my parents didn’t know I had one but it’s so different now. Family members started getting their accounts from your aunt to your uncle even your great-aunt. It’s like my Facebook is solely for family and family members that live outside the country. I don’t mind really, it’s just that when my parents start bringing up questions like that and friending said guy it gets annoying. This is also the reason why I don’t like Facebook Timeline. As much as it is a very good concept and well thought out and not to mention it looks great, I hate knowing that people can just easily scroll down my timeline and look at the demons of my past (figuratively speaking). Not that I have anything to “worthy” to hide really, but you would know what I’m talking about right now about the preference of happenings in the past being archived in the depths of your new updates.

This is actually pretty funny coming from me because I was actually the one who sent my parents a friend request in the first place since I was curious with their profiles. Although before that I did make sure my parents wouldn’t find me or search me on Facebook at all. Now twitter and this blog is pretty much all I have when it comes to online rantage about things that I don’t want them to know. My mom loves to read blogs and has had twitter for over a year now but I still hope she doesn’t find me here. If she has, then all I can say is.. HI MOM!!


  1. Oh man, I am so glad my parents don’t even know how use a mouse still, let alone use Facebook.

    Even then, if they managed to get a Facebook account and they friended me there, I still wouldn’t freak out because they only know how to read basic English.

    I think what your mom did, adding one of your guy friends on Facebook, is really uncalled for. Though it sounds so typical coming from an Asian mom, so I’m not really surprised. Lol. But still, I’d be really annoyed and I’d have a talk with my mom telling her to remove him, had it been me.

    I have a couple of relatives who added me and I really don’t care if they stalk me on my timeline, they should know the “truth” about how I really look and act. If they really love me, then they shouldn’t care. After all, we’re young, we live in a different time compared to them–they should somewhat understand. However, if my boyfriend’s relatives EVER add me. Holy cow, I’d delete everything and start over and talk about only flowers and stuff.

    Oh, and if she’s reading, hi Justine’s mom!

  2. All my friends were talking about their mums trying to add them on Facebook. I thought it would never happen to me. Until quite recently, my mum asked if she should create an account and add me. I almost died.

    But I hardly use Facebook anymore, so I guess that’s an excuse not to go online to add her, if she ever tries to add me.

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