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Last Friday Night

It’s another Monday and another start to the week. Not to mention it’s officially October.. we can finally stop rolling our eyes to statuses like “Wake me up when September ends.” I love sleeping, but I’m sure sleeping for a whole month isn’t the best idea. Last Friday I went out with old Uni friends I hadn’t seen in a while. We basically went our own ways after graduating; a friend went to China to study Mandarin for a year (he said it was like a year-long vacation, envious!), another got married not too long ago, one started his own online gaming business while still working, some maintaining family businesses and the rest being part of the working class. Just less than 2 years ago we were still sitting in class trying to figure out what to do with our lives and here we are, all employed. Quite surreal.

Kourtney (coz I'm really short), Khloe (coz she's really tall), and Kim (because she's got the hips)

Peach Beer

Caroline and me.

Yup. Of course I sang. I have no shame after all.

We took a lot of Instax shots too. I might make a post dedicated to all the shots I've taken recently.

The Gang

We went out for dinner then went clubbing (which was packed, packed, packed so I didn’t take any photos). Even as we went out the Security team was crowding over a few men because they were too drunk and wanted to use their power (pun intended) to fight the security. It was more lame than scary. Men of the douche circle are so laughable sometimes.

The night was closed with a sleepover with my girls like what we used to do back in uni when we had deadlines, assignments and exams to cram. Part of me still wishes I was still living that life but at the end of the day I’m glad I have a job and a little money to shop, wine and dine.


  1. Ooh i love instax photos! It’s funny to hear you reminisce about uni days, especially cos i’m still at uni now, but i totally don’t have a bunch of girlfriends. I guess that’s cos I’m in a male-dominated faculty, so those “good old days” seem more like high school to me.

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