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Paris Mon Ami

Indonesian fashion blogger and one of my close friends, Caroline Robianto, invited me to a fashion event by Herm├ęs called Paris Mon Ami to launch their new scarf line in Indonesia. I’m not usually a fashion person (although my bff says otherwise), I mean most of the time I prefer comfort over style but I never not care about how I look and always try too look my best even in just shorts and flip flops. So when she told me she was going to invite me, I admit I was sort of freaking out. I wasn’t in the league of fashionable people!!! WHAT TO WEAR HOW TO ACT.

The invitation was really personal and I liked how they actually mailed it rather than the usual social media approach.

Chubby cheeks: Wearing my trusty jean jacket from LOFT that never fails me (I love to wear this one a lot--especially when in doubt), a Mossimo skirt which I turned into a dress, WAGW belt, Nine West heels, my mom's Kathy Van Zeeland bag and assorted accessories from here and there.

Those huge round ornaments in the middle represented Hermes bangles. I didn't know until after the event, but I thought it was a really good idea and served its purpose. (photo by Caroline)

The bangles up close.

There were all these coupons for fun things to do, games to play, refreshing drinks and yummy food to eat.

Carol, me, Novella and fashion blogger Michelle who had a special segment during the event.

I loved this hipster (Photo by Caroline)

..and her hipster friend.

There were no goodie bags, but we did get those mini perfumes and a photo using any Hermes scarf we wanted. I haven’t scanned the photo yet but I did manage to take a (sucky) mobile version of it. I wanted it on my head and the Hermes ladies had all these scarf tricks up their sleeves it was fun to watch them put it on other people and myself.

I had a lot of fun at the event! Not really surprising because it was also my first luxury brand event. I think if I ever go to any more of these things, this will be pretty hard to top. The event had a lot of assorted food and drinks that never seemed to run out, the activities were fun, the place was cosy and I think overall it was a success. The event was so colorful I felt like I was in wonderland. I’d definitely love to have more opportunities to go to events like this. Thanks Carol (and Michelle)!

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