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Pink for October

It’s officially one week into October and it makes me stop and think, “Where the fuck did time go?” 2011 has been more often a great year than not, and I’m immensely thankful for that. One of the things I am always thankful for up to now, is that my mom is still and continues to be happy and healthy. She has been a breast cancer survivor for 3 years now and there’s not a single day in which I am not thankful about her current health.

When I saw this OctoPink theme while browsing the web I thought it looked really nice and appropriate for the blog. Pink happens to be the representing color for Breast Cancer Awareness so I decided to change to this theme for a whole month. I’ve always been neutral with the color pink, sometimes I love it sometimes I don’t but there’s always something about pink which catches your attention. Just a few months ago my aunt who lives in New York (and also a breast cancer survivor) gave my mom stuff from Fight Like A Girl which were really cute! There were charm-bracelets, shirts, hats, and all these cute pins and accessories. I think one day I’m going to steal those and wear em.

I have a great amount of respect for people who deal / have dealt with cancer in the family. It’s a filthy disease and I hope that while I’m still part of this generation I may able to see the cure or a fix; not just for breast cancer, but also to eliminate of all the present cancerous cells that exist in this world. Fight!

/edit: I thought the theme was too pink so I reverted back to my old one.. which is also pink anyway! Just softer ;p

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