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Friendly Faces

The other day as I was getting my coffee from the Starbucks I frequent, I somehow felt a warmer reception than usual. The baristas were smiling more genuine smiles. As I got to the order counter, a friendly-looking barista (this is the first time I see her for some reason) took my order. She was really nice and she asked where I got my iPhone case because she loved it. I asked her is it because it’s the same one Serena Van Der Woodsen uses in Gossip Girl Season 5 (I did not know this when I bought it)? Hahaha. She agreed then proceeded to ask me if I was currently watching Pretty Little Liars because the same one is also used by one of the characters of the show. I told her I’m a little bit left behind since I stopped halfway during the second season.

I felt like this girl could be my best friend or something. Not really in a bff best friend kind of way because I already have those but if we could be friends we’d be really good ones. Putting the tv show topic aside, it was one of the nicest genuine conversations I’ve had with a stranger of the same gender in a while. Or was she just doing her job? Nevertheless, it was a good point of my day and it left a good memory. It’s one of those short conversations that leave a good mark.

After getting my order the other baristas who made my coffee started calling me by, “Jus” Β like, “Hi Jus, here’s your order!” “Can I see your receipt, Jus?” “Enjoy your coffee Jus, have a great day!” when usually only the people who have known me for quite a while do that to me. I wasn’t peeved by it like I usually am. I welcomed it. I don’t know what got into me that day, or what was inside that Starbucks that made it such a friendly atmosphere. It’s just those days.


  1. Iba talaga ang atmosphere sa Starbucks… calmer, friendlier.. hehe πŸ™‚

    And I have to ask, too! Where did you get your iPhone case? I like Serena’s kasi. Wala pa kong naeencounter dito sa Manila πŸ™‚

    • Justine says

      I got it from the mall here in Cebu. There’s a place where they sell good quality iPhone cases for cheap (P200!). The next time I go I’ll see if they still have the same one I have and get you one. πŸ™‚

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