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10 Month Itch

I made up this theory called the 10 month work itch. It’s pretty straightforward, once I reach 10 months in a job, I start getting all restless and doubtful about everything.. starting from my ability, my purpose, what-if thoughts on if anything could be better, or if I would find better somethings in another place. This leads to me become demotivated, discouraged and eventually, once I’ve hit to the pit of it, wanting to quit. In all fairness, I’ve only ever been in two jobs before this one and those jobs, I did not like very much. The same can’t be said for the one I currently have right now because I actually look forward to going to work every day and doing the things I’m supposed to do. I don’t want to make that past tense.

Anyway, about the 10 month itch. I lasted 10 months during my first job because I totally lost motivation (plus I didn’t really like my boss) and felt that it wasn’t something I was cut out for. Second job was just a filler and something I took to make my mom happy or until I found something I really wanted to do; so needless to say surviving it for a year was pretty much a milestone. The last 2 months of that one year were basically spent time looking for new jobs and being really unproductive, that’s why the 10 month itch still applied.

Now for this one, it’s like there’s a tug of war in my professional mind. I love what I do, the processes in which I get involved in, I love the people I work with.. work-wise I’m in a really good place. It’s just that it’s the time of the year when things are getting crazy in the workplace, the end of the year when books are “closing”, plus we’re getting all these transition stuff and varied directions on what to do–on top of that I’m having all these confused feelings. I’ve always been positive when it comes to work. That’s one thing my parents always tell me, that at the end of the day, be glad that you have something to do that pays you. When the going gets tough, work your way into it, get your ass plowed but always come out on top and be the bigger person. So by writing all this I’m hoping to at least have a shift in my perception and go the brighter way because all this 10 month itch thinking will not help at all. The good side, besides being busy with work, December’s also going to be a that busy month with all the festivities and whatnot. So to end all this, let me just say: BRING IT ON.

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