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Bohol 2012

A couple of weeks ago during the “Thanksgiving” long weekend I decided to go to Bohol with a few friends from work. We needed the R&R and I needed the travel so we stayed for 3 full days and 2 nights. I haven’t really explored any city in the Philippines outside of Cebu (save for Davao and Manila airports and its nearby spots) so I was extra excited for this trip. Coming from someone who has traveled to a few countries outside of my own, I feel as if I have yet to see what the Philippines has to offer. I really want to go on more nationwide adventures!

I’m not going to go on detail with words, so here are some photos from my recent trip.

Tarsier, world’s smallest primate.

Man-made forest. Felt like a scene from a Twilight movie for a while there.

Butterfly farm.

Chocolate Hills.

Hanging Bridge.

A stop to look at the tribes during our floating restaurant lunch.

Oldest stone church in the Philippines – Baclayon Church.

Finally, Panglao beach!

Panglao sunset.

Panglao sunrise – day 2.

Off to go island hopping.

But first, dolphin watching! There were so many of them and I’m so glad we got to catch them because some people aren’t so lucky. I think I saw more than 50 dolphins that morning. It was amazing.

First stop, Balicasag island.

..swam with fishes.

Next stop: Virgin Island.

Sand bar was beautiful. The weather was cooperative and company was great.

I only took photos of Day 1 & 2 because the second night third consisted of the real R&R, plus of course the usual drinking, getting drunk and dancing the night away.

No matter how much of the beach I see, I never tire of it. I am meant to live in a tropical country with easy access to the amazing beaches and nothing, nothing will ever beat that. I have a lot to be thankful for in my life right now.


  1. Oh my fucking god, Bohol must be really gorgeous. I wanna get tanned this summer in a beach since I haven’t in AGES. May I ask how much did the entire weekend cost you? Not a rundown, just a range. 🙂

    Plus, what camera did you use?

    Okay, I sound desperate for a vacation. I feel like an office whore all of a sudden.

    • Justine says

      It was a prepaid trip! We paid for accommodation and tours before we even got there so everything was set up for us. It was really affordable too, not more than 6k for the whole trip. But of course that’s coz we didn’t have airline fees, Bohol is only 2 hours away from Cebu by sea travel.

      I used my Canon 550D, tarsier shots were with a 50mm lens and the lens were just the usual kit lens.

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