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Nothing With Someone

If you’ve read my tumblr or this blog you know I am an avid follower of the genius little site that is asofterworld. I like that amidst all the sarcastic and hard-hitting punchlines, there comes a sweet gem like the poster above.

I have been single for a while now, and while I don’t mind it because I’m still trying to figure myself out (and the rest of the world for that matter) sometimes it does bother me especially since my mother has been on my back about getting a boyfriend for some time now. She is very concerned about me being single. I get it. I am approaching mid-twenties now (THE HORROR) and she probably wants me to start being secure with someone already.

Like many out there, I still have issues with commitment and I’m just trying to put all the pieces together and get to know as many guys out there. Nevermind the fact that I always get the “don’t-like-the-one-who-likes-you”/”like-the-one-who-doesn’t-like-you” syndrome. I just miss the whole doing nothing with someone, the kind where you just sit for hours and not be worried that the other is bored because being together is enough. That’s all, really.


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  1. Yeah, now that I have a boyfriend, my mom is constantly asking me when I’m going to get married, or better, if my boyfriend plans to “take care” of me.

    It’s never good to pressure your kids. You don’t want to force anything. Plus, I think being single rocks. Enjoy your freedom! 😉

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