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A Year Older

Here I am again, stressing about my upcoming birthday. I wonder if I’ll ever grow out of this feeling? It’s pretty much the same every year, except with a little more anxiety involved. Especially now that I officially belong to the late 20s group.. it still feels like I’m 19 or something. I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing.

The best thing about this year’s birthday is that my CORE group of friends from Jakarta are coming over to Cebu for a one big grand reunion, and the best part, it’s the first time since a long time, since our lives have all moved forward that we’re doing this. It’s crazy, plus in Cebu of all places. My hometown, my turf, my everything. This is literally the best usage of the #BLESSED right here.

This whole birthday stressin’ is all just a state of mind right? In the world’s eyes I am still young. I still have a lot to do and a lot to achieve and a lot of fears to get over. Let this be the beginning. Happy soon birthday to me!

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