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Blog In My Head

If only there was a machine that could register the blog ideas that spew out of my mind at the most random of times, then I’d totally be a super regular blogger. I have so much makeup but have barely done a one product review post. Why is that? Laziness. LAZINESS is the form of all evil.

Writing is one thing, I love writing, heck I can write as much as I want.. but a pretty post with pretty pictures of the things I’m writing about? That’s another thing. So here’s a mental list of the things I want to blog about but I am too lazy to do so. Let this post serve as a knock on the head.

2015 Makeup Favorites
US Makeup Haul (oh there are a lot of these)
Brow products review (THERE ARE ALSO A LOT OF THESE)
New York Trip
Washington DC Trip
New Years’ Day in New York
Hong Kong November Trip
Christmas Day in New York City
Watching Matilda on Broadway
Singapore January Trip

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