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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v11

Welcome to the first edition of Friday’s 10 Happy Things for 2016! If you didn’t know about this project yet, it’s a blog series Helga came up with last year and it’s a great exercise to remember the positive things that happened within the week.

1. Parents’ 28th anniversary. Last weekend we celebrated my parents’ wedding anniversary by doing a little family staycation in M√∂venpick Cebu. As always, a good dose of sun, sand, and sea is always something I love and look forward to and it’s impossible for me to not have a great time.

2. On the Wings of Love final week. I just realized this is the second time I’ve mentioned this in my blog series! It’s the last week before the show wraps up and although I don’t religiously watch it, I have been staying tuned every day for the past 2 weeks. I’m a fan of this loveteam so it deserves a place in this list!

3. Midweek beach break. Wednesday and Thursday were holidays in Cebu (though not for me, because we follow Singaporean holidays at work) my parents took me and my sister with them for that much needed province trip since we haven’t been “home” since last year. It was a good break from the work-from-home routine for me as I got to work at the beach for a few hours. Isn’t it amazing what internet can do?

4. Brandon Boyd’s Limited Edition Customized Moleskine Journal. We actually bought this at the eleventh hour, even though I kinda camped out his Shopify before the release on Monday but I was just waiting for friends so we can save on shipping. Once we checked out, it was immediately sold out! So I think we were probably one of the last buyers. Can’t wait to get my hands on this! And yes, for those who don’t know yet, Incubus is my favorite band. My domain name alone is from a song of theirs.

5. Former coworkers keeping in touch. I received random messages this week from friends in my old office saying they miss me. It’s the little things that mean a lot.

6. ZAYN Malik. Where do I begin? PILLOWTALK Lil Wayne remix, official release of iT’s YoU, Back To Sleep with Usher and Chris Brown, pre-ordering his album and lots of exposure for me to take in. ZO16, I am ready for you.

7. 2016 BRIT Awards. I watched all the performances and most of the winners speeches. Safe to say, it was much much much better than the boring Grammys. LiLo were in attendance to receive their award, Rihanna and Drake performed such a great stage and Adele’s performance of When We Were Young was 99.99% flaw free. Not to mention James Bay being a rock god; helping out Justin Bieber in his song and the Sorry stage was literally and figuratively on fire.

8. Churros. I’ve been craving and I’m glad I have easy access to it now. Yay!

9. These guys that have been making me happy this week: Shawn Mendes for his talent, Taron Egerton for his cuteness, James Reid for being himself, Troye Sivan for the release of YOUTH, Liam Payne for looking so good while on break, Zayn for EVERYTHING. Do you see the pattern here? I really do prefer younger guys.

10. Closed chapter. Today (yes, Friday!), I find out something that really helped me with closing a certain chapter in my life. Since the beginning of the year I have been constantly asking for signs and the universe (or God, for that matter) has consistently been serving it to me and today was the very tip of the iceberg. On to the next one!

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