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What’s Been Up III

160519 WBU

And just like that, it’s already May and my birthday month. I’m in Singapore right now working and spending my pre-birthday week, and by Friday I fly off to Jakarta until the end of the month. Just like 2015, this year is proving to be a travel-friendly year and I am always grateful I get to have moments where I can escape for a while and always renew my perspective on things.

The last 2 months have thankfully been eventful for me and many times I wanted to put it into words and write about it. Obviously that did not happen and sometimes I beat myself up for it but then again, what can I really do? I always want to be better at blogging regularly but I realize that pressuring myself to write doesn’t always come out great. Hey hey hey, here I am.


I voted for the first time ever! It felt quite empowering to be honest, lining up with fellow men and choosing the most rightful leader in my perspective. It’s crazy how I’ve lived 27 years and not have voted a single time. I’d like to blame that on living abroad and not caring about my country’s state but in the end I blame it to myself for being lazy and not putting much effort in the betterment of my country.

Also yes, I voted for Duterte. I chose not to be vocal about it on social media with lots of backlash and media coverage surrounding his campaign. My parents are also in favor of another candidate and it became a week of debates with them during the weeks leading up to election. I don’t agree about many of the things he says and will not apologize for his lack of judgement about sensitive issues or his potty mouth, but I stand by my reason on voting for him and with my research about his platforms (or lack of it–if you want to go there) and decisions, in my eyes he is the most suitable candidate for my country’s leadership. I will end it here.

Manila Trip

I went to Manila last weekend to meet up with some friends and catch up with Rob, who just got back from London and who I haven’t seen in almost 6 years. Even though we talk every single day, it was so great to finally catch up with him and other friends who I met online and have become so close to my heart. I will always be thankful for mediums like Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr and Twitter for letting me meet people outside my comfort zone.

New friends

I was introduced to a group of guys last month who have quickly won over my heart. We bonded so quickly despite age difference and the best part is, they spent almost a week in our ancestral home so I got to spend a bulk of summer with them. I always agree on the saying that you should be able to hang out with different age groups to improve your outlook in life–whether young or old you always have something to learn.


Around March I finally decided to lighten my hair and get beach highlights! I was lucky to find a really great hairdresser who knew what she was doing and was able to achieve what I really wanted for my hair. For the reason that this summer in Cebu is extra hot, I decided to chop off my long hair and go really short (in my standards). I haven’t had short hair like this since 2007 and it took about 48 hours of constant validation seeking and getting used to but I couldn’t have made a better choice. It’s one less of a problem this summer.

Turning 28

What can I say? Birthdays are inevitable. No matter how much I overthink it I can’t change the fact that my age will change, but I can always try my best to shrug it off. It’s 2 days away and I am always thankful for this life despite what a crazy rough year 27 was.. I am ready to level up!

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