Good Wolf vs Bad Wolf

I just watched the latest 90210 yesterday (srsly, the only reason why I still watch that show is coz of Matt Lanter–who am I kidding? I love shallow shows) and it was the episode when the girls went away for a yoga retreat. There was a scene where they were all in the sauna where they poured out all their problems and fears.

When Naomi (played by AnnaLynne McCord) poured out her story about the rape incident the guru told her to choose between the two wolves inside of her. One wolf was good and full of joy and love the other one was bad and basically had all the negative qualities. So the question was, which wolf was going to win? The answer was fairly simple, but it wasn’t something I expected. The writer of this episode definitely hit a nerve with this one. The yoga guru said, “The one you feed.”

I’m going on a deep note here because I need to get this out that’s why here I am at 2 in the morning typing away from my phone under the covers. Something about that line really made me think. Have I been feeding the bad wolves that’s inside of me? Why do I seem to have many fears and negative thoughts? I get so easily worried about a lot of things and I haven’t even given them a chance to happen yet. I’ve developed a bad habit of thinking about worse case scenarios before there even is a scenario to begin with. I used to think that when they say people change, it wouldn’t happen to me. It clearly has, and I’m working on it, I really am.

Felt the need to get this out before it clogs up in my brain drafts and the difference between brain drafts and blog drafts, there’s a lesser chance of brain drafts to be published because my mind forgets them so easily.

No Sex No City

Tonight I watched Sex and the City 2. I am a huge fan of the series, although there are a few episodes per season I missed, especially the later ones. I watched the first movie and loved it, and after watching this one I loved it even more. I don’t care what critics say, I kept an open mind before watching the movie hoping that I would forget just a little bit of the real world and dive into a world of Carrie and Louboutins. I was in for a ride, a really great one. Initially I was put off because the movie’s length stretches up to more than 2 hours but now that I think about it, it was definitely more than worth my time.

The best part was I didn’t have to think, there was no concrete storyline, I already knew all the characters VERY well so I didn’t need explanation. Simply put, it was shallow and superficial—done RIGHT. Being a girl the visuals were great. Louboutins left and right, great dresses, it was like a visual work of fashion art. Patricia Fields definitely knows how to do it right.

I’m a big cheeseball and I adored this scene. It may have been the most cliched scene in the movie, four women belting out a song about women empowerment (or was it?) on karaoke but it made my night. It made me miss my girlfriends and the moments we have despite our distance right now. While Sex and the City on television was mostly about sex.. AND the city itself, this movie was based on personal struggles, friends that last a lifetime, finding a way out of frustrations, being happy inside and out, Abu Dhabi (certainly not New York!), knowing what you want and which shoes go with it. Yeah, I totally just over-analyzed it. The movie isn’t great, but it was definitely a great watch.

Double Two in Two Days

I always make a big deal about turning a year older usually right before my birthday. Ever since I was about to turn 20, I’ve always been like, “Shit I can’t believe I’m turning a year older. SO FREAKING OLD.” Then my birthday comes, and I feel the same. Sometimes it frustrates me because I want to be older in terms of outlook in life, but it seems like I’m taking a step back. Sure I’ve graduated university and currently but inside there’s major lack of maturity. The good old carefree days are gone and as much as I want to apply my carefree manner to my future I’m having a hard time because the future is kinda freaky.

I recently watched this Korean film, Hello Schoolgirl, and there’s a scene in particular which resonated with me so well. I’m not scared of turning older, not scared of the experiences, it’s the fact that adults are faced with so many things at a time especially when it’s not positive, is something I don’t look forward to.

By the time I write my next post I’ve probably turned 22 already, yet still feel the same. I hope my 22nd year gives me a whole lot more perspective on what’s to come, and be less afraid.

Movie Absent

I don’t know why but I haven’t been watching movies lately. I always suck when it comes to blockbusters and such because I usually wait until the hype of the movie dies down before I watch it. I also prefer watching movies which are about 1-2 years old unless of course, it’s a movie I’ve been dying to watch beforehand. The problem is, I’ve put off watching so many movies that they’ve all piled up and I haven’t had a chance to watch them at all. Plus when that happens, new movies come out and I put them off again so it’s like a weird cycle. The last movie I watched in the theater this year was Valentine’s Day (IKR) and since then I haven’t gone yet. While I love going to the movies, I prefer watching them in the comfort of my own couch or bed so I love movie nights in. Anyone?

Also the reason why I didn’t relate much to this years’ Oscars. Every year I’m always looking forward to the Oscars but this year it just wasn’t the same. I have hundreds of DVDs at home lying around waiting to be watched and since I have a job now, I don’t know when the perfect time is to just sit down and watch. The next big question is, what movie do I watch first? I have so many choices.. I guess I’m gonna figure this all out–soon.