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Terrace House: Opening New Doors – A Subjective Ranking

Previous seasons: Aloha StateBoys & Girls in the City

If you’ve been reading my subjective rankings, you’d know how this goes by now. For those who don’t, just read on.

I realized it took a while for me to actually rank the members of Opening New Doors because I guess it didn’t create much of an impact for me? I loved it—but I did not super love it, I just realized. I still have a softer spot for BG&ITC and Aloha State (believe it or not) at the end of the day.

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I said hey, what’s going on

Fuckin’ hell, it’s already September. Can you believe?! I’ve come to the point where I don’t know what to write about anymore, that even my other blog is currently enjoying an annual drought. Usually I don’t let more than 6 months pass without publishing an entry but it just couldn’t be help. Was I that busy this year? I certainly still had time to watch Terrace House and a bunch of Korean dramas, so I can’t really say that I was too busy to write in here. I guess the need to formulate a proper blog post kind of lost its charm on me and updates result into bite-sized micro social media posts in the form of Instagram stories or Twitter updates. I don’t even post that much on Facebook anymore.

Nowadays I feel like I’m chasing something with no definite destination. Is this how 30s feel like? Isn’t one supposed to have things figured out by now? 20s was a long, winding road full of reckless pursuits and bad decisions that I guess I’m trying to make up one way or another? I know nothing’s perfect, but is it wrong to hope for things to start falling into place in this third decade? Or am I overthinking everything again like I always do? Too many questions, hardly any answers. That’s my life.

To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to survive. Yes, it is as dramatic as it looks and I am actually very serious about it. But somehow life keeps surprising me and letting me know that it’s actually on my side, despite the many instances where I feel like it never is; and that’s good enough for me.

The Sunday Currently, v28

Hello and happy first day of October! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Time flies by pretty fast that I just realized the last one was a good 5 months ago.

Pretty okay! The weekend wasn’t exactly topnotch because I had to work yesterday and didn’t get to have any Saturday plans but it wasn’t the worst. I spent the night at a friend’s place and today was all about lazing around and watching movies with my sister.


This semi-stripped down version of Too Good At Goodbyes by Sam Smith. It’s a solid new single.

I’m also looking at my last TSC and I just wanted to give an update: ever since Weightlifting Fairy and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, I’ve seen quite a number of K-dramas after that. Love in the Moonlight, Fight My Way, My Secret Romance, and She Was Pretty. Pretty crazy, to be honest. I’ve always capped myself at 1 K-drama per year and I was just on a roll.

I’m having a bit of a stiff neck that’s annoying me. Otherwise everything’s been okay. Job ok. Friendships ok. Family ok. Love life, hmmm idk. Mental state will always be in discussion.

Nothing currently but there’s a “just-finished” bag of Lay’s beside me here from this afternoon.

Honestly? Hoping for a lot of things. I have a few trips lined up in the weeks to come and I just hope everything’s great. As usual, anticipatory anxiety and its ugly head continuous to rear down on me and the only way I can let it go or at least keep from persisting is to ride it out.

About a blossoming friendship that I hope won’t fade away as time passes. The last few years of your 20s are always the times where you keep friends instead of finding them but once in a while there’s always that one gem that shows up.

Terrace House: Aloha State – A Subjective Ranking

Just like what I did with the Boys & Girls in the City, here’s a completely subjective ranking on the Aloha State members. While Boys & Girls in the City was difficult because it was hard to choose which one I liked best, my challenge for this one was nominating the ones I hated less. Aloha State was such a season full of polarizing parts and I don’t know if my watching habits contributed to a lot of the decision making but whatever, I’m gonna do it the way I did with the previous one.

Another note, this was also a little bit more difficult to write than the Boys & Girls In the City version because I feel like I’m not really doing as much justice? Unlike B&GITC which was a whole marathon, Aloha State was released in parts. I was lucky to score a VPN subscription where I got to watch Part 4 almost 2 months before the worldwide Netflix release. Let’s do this!

WARNING: SPOILERS if you haven’t completed Part 4.

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How to NOT succumb to Bad Vibes

This week has been particularly weird, in an emotional sense. I don’t know if it’s the mix of quitting rice for the 2nd week and going towards a low-carb high-fat diet that’s messing with my system, happenings that either piss me off, or make me want to cry. These are the usual highs and lows of everyday and worklife and (the lack of) adulting that’s always messing with me. So how do I deal?

I compiled a list of things that I usually do or indulge in so that I don’t fall into the deep well of emotional negativity, a.k.a the O.A. life, or as how our close-minded relatives refer to bouts of unwarranted sadness.

  1. Playing SimCity Buildit. Secret’s out, I’ve been playing this game since late 2014 and have not stopped since. There’s something about mindlessly building a city, fulfilling city needs, and playing a virtual God that really made me commit to this one. With the introduction of groups and social trading (of goods) I’ve also become part of a small community of players that I talk to each day.
  2. The good old K-drama. In addition to being a feast on the eyes, it just takes you to a good place. It’s another realm of first world goodness mixed with familiar values that just draws you in. This year alone I’ve gone through 4 of them. It’s all in my life log.
  3. Window shopping online, clicking “add to cart” on all my wants with the satisfaction of the act of being a consumeristic hoe, then closing the whole window and never looking back. Sometimes I do succumb to the Buy Now button but still call it a victory because I could have done worse (I KNOW THIS IS THE WORST LOGIC OK). Thanks but no thanks, Glossier.
  4. My dog Koko contributes to a huge part of a stress-free life. I don’t know what I’d do without her quirks and smarts that I still find so amusing a year into her arrival to our household.
  5. Filling up my bullet journal in the attempts to make my life seem so adult and organized.
  6. Buying things spontaneously when I’m at the mall. I hate this, but it’s in this list.
  7. Mango Cheese Snow in Snow Shack never fails to lift up my spirits.
  8. Terrace House that made me buy a VPN subscription ffs so I could keep up with episodes in Japan. Also I’ve been hanging out a lot in the Terrace House subreddit it might be a little unhealthy.
  9. Dreaming about upcoming travels that have been planned, and the euphoria I feel when my money goes to something that’s totally millenial—travel.
  10. Reading astrology-related things, the best entertainment value there is.

As much as I’d love to just write and write about things that make me happy, I’ve decided to keeping it to a minimum of a recent 10 so that next time I find more weird things that satisfy my vibes channel. I didn’t even mention cliche ones like, going to the beach, hanging out with [insert name here], etc etc. What’s the point of me writing this when it’s just things the entire population likes to do?