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2PM, Finally!

2PM was the reason why I got into k-pop. 2PM was the reason why I started to listen to Korean songs excessively. 2PM ignited the very fangirl in me that I thought did not exist. 2PM made me open my mind and eyes to singing and dancing Asian boys in which I used to laugh and poke fun at just a few years back. 2PM is a reason for a whole lot of things. After 15+ months of excessive fangirling, I finally saw 2PM. All six of their glory. Last December I already saw Jay Park, so SEEING all seven of THEM live and in person was quite unbelievable, sort of felt like a dream. I’m gonna go all major fangirl in this post and release my inhibitions, as it needs to be relished. I went to the event with my bestfriend, 3 Korean friends, my little sister and cousin.

2PM as a whole: It was surreal. Since they only performed 4 songs it’s hard for me to say what I feel. It was like a dream! Everything went by so fast. One minute I was singing, dancing and shouting along with everyone and basking in their glory the next thing I knew they were saying their goodbyes and performing their last song, 10 Points out of 10. I was afraid that they would be dressed horribly with overly made up faces but everything was perfect. Their outfits were all black: black pants, black wifebeaters and studded vests, hair not outrageous and makeup just the way it’s supposed to be.

JUNSU: That fucker is so good at mindfucking. He may appear to be the least good-looking out of all the guys but it doesn’t mean he ISN’T. Bitch looks good and works it well. He brought the stage yesterday with his singing and his overflowing charisma.

NICHKHUN: He was the one who didn’t shock me the most. Probably because it’s a given that he’s got the most beauty in terms of physical appearance–so let’s say he just about met my expectations.

TAECYEON: My first bias. He was definitely handsome, more handsome in real life. Some friends thought I was gonna go back to liking him because there have been countless stories and fanaccounts that stated the minute they saw Taec in real life that was it for them, and they were hooked. Sure, I still love him.. but that didn’t happen to me. He had flawless english and brought the house down with his ab-teasing and growl. Loved his growl!

WOOYOUNG: The number one in my heart. Considering he doesn’t even posses anything I like in a guy, he became my ultimate favorite out of all the boys. But I’m not here to talk about that. When I saw him I took a good look, and I fell even more in love <3 despite my known abhorrence for Asian men with blond hair. His was done very tastefully and definitely fit him. I did disagree with someone from one of the fanaccounts I read though, who said his hairstyle was the worst. Sorry miss, I beg to differ. Not to mention how great he sounded. I always believed that Wooyoung sounds the best on record and Junho sounds the best live.. but I actually loved the way Woo sang that night.

JUNHO: It was pretty surreal seeing him. Something about seeing the two youngest which shocked me the most, but I’ll get to the most youngest later. Junho held his notes really well. He looked the most serious out of all the members, but I’m guessing because he was shy and probably felt overshadowed by his hyungs. So very him.

CHANSUNG: Chansung was the first guy I knew out of all the 2PM members so it’s just fitting that I was most awed by him. I almost couldn’t believe he was right before my eyes. I guess being in a constant fangirl state for over a year does that to you. It was fortunately unfortunate (yes very contradicting) that his microphone was one of the loudest and being known for the–here I go again–“least best” singer, I knew his voice was real. Good job, Chansungie.

Photos from bff:

A reunion: me, Kimie and Noemz before the show started. I hadn

Taec was really feeling it.

Photos from the BlackBerry Indonesia official Facebook page:

Wooyoung, Khun, Junsu, Chansung working it.

La la la la la la la, pretty baby.

Saying goodbye 🙁

I don’t have a lot of photos because the event didn’t allow SLR cameras, and even if you had a media pass JYP Entertainment (2PM’s company) didn’t allow anyone to be in the media pit during 2PM’s set. After being a fan this long I know how much pricks they tend to be, but there are times I’ll never understand the reason why.

My bestfriend was with me, so she took most of the photos while I was going crazy. I didn’t stay in the front either and boy am I glad I didn’t. Apparently the pushing was intense and a few girls had to be brought back because they fainted. Thanks to my trusty Steve Madden wedges I was able to see the boys JUST FINE and enjoy it all along. I feel sorry for some of the fangirls though.

This time last year at the peak of being in this fandom never would I ever have imagined to see all of them a year later. SEVEN of them. Yes even their ex-leader Jay Park (read fanaccount here). I’ve really come full circle and I couldn’t be happier. Rest assured I’ll be supporting all of these boys until the end of their career, or even beneath that.


I really need to see them again, once is really really really not enough. That was the best fancam of the show, and showed how crazy all the Indonesian girls went.

Did I mention the event also included Shontelle, Taio Cruz and Suede (the headlining act)? The whole BlackBerry event really had the most eclectic mix of artists. After 2PM’s set we were so tired so we grabbed something to eat and came back just in time for Taio Cruz’s set, which was disappointing to say the least and Suede, WHICH WAS AMAZING. Brett Anderson is a rock god.

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