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Photo Dump: Sondre & Corinne

I promised myself I was going to blog about this because it was a great night (not to mention pretty interesting). Sondre’s set for Java Jazz was set to start at 10pm and by 9:40 we were still running in the streets to hail a cab. It was a long walk til we finally found one and since my bff‘s house isn’t too far from the venue we asked the cab driver to speed up. By the time we got to the venue, Sondre had JUST started! The downside was of course, we couldn’t really see from the back because of numerous heads but thankfully it was a half-seated event. At first I was scared of going up to the front (my experience with crowds and my fear of it) but we managed to squeeze in ourselves just to get a clear view of Sondre. The acoustics on the other hand, is amazing. With me, it’s not much about seeing musical acts live firsthand, it’s more of getting to hear them sing live.. because it’s what mostly draws me to them in the beginning. Okay I better stop talking, here are my photos of the night, most of them straight from the camera. I almost didn’t have time to write about the whole thing, let alone editing photos =|

Waiting for Corinne.

This was during the beginning of her show, we were at the back and the lights were spectacular. One point of the show I just layed down and enjoyed the music.

Even though this isn't a very good photo but it shows here how amazing the lighting (AND ACOUSTICS) were. Good job Java Jazz.

We went closer to the stage as the night went on.

Both shows were amazingly great that I was actually surprised. I thought I was satisfied with just hearing them on my iPod because I prefer rock or pop concerts but there’s so much more. So much honesty, sincerity and beauty in their music and the way they deliver it. I can’t believe I call myself a music lover to only realize this. Having said that, I really really wanna thank both of my bestest friends in the world for dragging my ass (and buying my ticket) to watch this show.

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  1. Oh Corinne!

    I might sound a bit biased because I’m a jazz student, but I think that jazz performances are amongst the most sincere things you could ever hear live. Especially the sort where they leave a lot un-arranged and really truly give a piece of themselves on the night.

    That said, I love live shows in general. I’ve been to all sorts, you name it. With regards to bands in general, i find that I respect them so much more if they pull off a good live show. I hate ones that only sound good on their album from all the production and cleaning up help they’ve had, but who cant deliver live – those are suuuch a let down!

    It sounds like you had a really good time though, so i hope you go to more shows!

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