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General Retrospect

I meant to post about a pretty awesome weekend where I watched Sondre Lerche and Corinne Bailey Rae and attended one of my closest friend’s wedding but I’ll get to that later. Work has been sorta biting my ass this week (well except for my rest Monday–had no work that time), I’ve hardly had any time to sit down in front of a WP page that when I found a chance I grabbed it straight away.

I was sorting out my backups folder when I found a couple of old blog posts that I had saved and it got me thinking how my writing was so much better then. These days when I blog I’m always finding it hard to construct sentences in my head to tell a story or describe something. For example this morning while I was taking a shower, I suddenly thought of things to write about and had them saved up in my head. Of course the minute I turned the shower off all the thoughts went off with it. I sometimes wish I had a drafts database for when I’m saving for something major to write. There’s twitter, but sometimes they go far beyond 140 characters. I needed to let that out. It’s very frustrating. In other news, March has been an awesome month for me so far, last weekend’s events left me huffing and puffing on Sunday.. Pho and a non-working Monday was the cherry on top. This weekend I’ll be at the beach, next weekend is another concert I’m getting to watch and I am very excited because it’s k-pop related and after that I’ll be going to Singapore for a couple of days.

Speaking of March, it’s officially Lent. I don’t know how many times I point out that time flies by too fast, but here I am again doing just that. I got “ash-ed” yesterday thus marking the start of abstinence. For the first time in many years I am actually committed to giving up something and that is white rice. Relying on my willpower on this one, because it’s either brown rice or no rice. I will get far with this one, and I hope to make sure of it.


  1. Me either! I think compared to how I write now and a few years ago, my writing skills were better back then. Maybe it’s because I spent so much time away from writing.

    I’ve always wanted to have an audio recorder so when I get a few ideas (especially at night when I’m already in bed), I could easily store my ideas to it, and not just depend on my brain to remember them, which always fails me.

  2. Btw, you made a typo on “For example”, it reads “Fore” instead :).

    I think I’m a much better writer whenever I feel like writing better – that is, when I can be bothered, and have the time to actually think about something. That said, my best creative written works are written completely without premeditation, thorough thinking and not too much editing also. But I can definitely relate to how ideas disappear once you turn the shower off! I’ve lost so many songs I’ve written in my head to the end of the shower…

    • Thanks for pointing that out 🙂 will change it now. When it comes to writing, you’re definitely right. Even my writing comes out better without premeditation.

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