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Nosy Nose

The reason why I don’t tell my family about my blog is because they are one nosy bunch. It’s not a bad thing, I love them for it and I am also a living proof of the nosiness that runs in our bloodline. This is why I’m active online, I like to know things about people, their lives, I love to read about all sorts of things. That’s just a part of my nosiness.

The main point of this topic being raised is that tonight, I finally told my aunt about my blog. She’s currently pursuing a social media career and being more immersed in it than her, I wanted to show her the ropes, how to go about things, blogging this blogging that, what are the most famous blogs right now and the question about my blog came up. I was so reluctant, but figured what the hell, sooner or later people are going to find out about this anyway. You see, I love to blog for myself. Sure.. it’s a given that blogging is actually a very vain thing to do in its own sense, you put out things because you want people to read them and yes I do want people to read them–just not my family (haha). They will ask things and they talk about things and bring them up during discussions, this is where my problem about it starts. We’re all very open to each other that’s why I like to have a little space on the internet all to myself. I like to be candid in the webs and I try to make my offline and online life pretty separated..with the exception of just a few close friends. So if most of my family knows about this blog I swear I’m buying another domain (we’ll see).

I felt I needed to let this out. I’m back in Jakarta as of yesterday and recovering from a flu.. on the grind again tomorrow. Missing the beach most of all.


  1. Having a blog is ironic. It’s like you want everyone to see it, but not really. I have a nosy family, too, that’s why I don’t go posting stuff of Facebook just ’cause. They are all there! Haha!

    • Me too!! My Facebook is almost just a place for family.. like I’m so noisy everywhere else but I’m on FB I’m like “…” hahaha.

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