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The Sunday Currently, v19

This is going up quite early because I’m home on a Saturday x Sunday night! I’ve quite a lot going on for July so it’s a homebody weekend. The photo above correctly depicts my current position right now, lying on my stomach in bed in the dark, typing away on my MacBook.

A new dog. It’s been exactly 4 years since Sushi died and she will forever be missed. Recently I’ve been getting that lingering feeling of having a pet and I think it’s time and that I am ready. I’m just looking for places where I can adopt or buy—whichever comes first. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and should be taken seriously so I’m not going to rush into it because it’s something that requires a lot of decision making and extreme thought. Also when we bought Sushi, she chose us and not the other way around, so unless I get the same vibes from our soon-to-be dog then I won’t haphazardly make any rash decisions.

All of GOT7’s hits from beginning to end. I’ve been so out of touch with all of K-pop in the past few years but I try to keep up with my (very few) favorites, and GOT7 is one of them.

I probably spent the whole day yesterday watching Edward Avila‘s videos on YouTube. I’ve been going back to watching a lot of 8 to 10 step Korean skin routine videos in hopes of getting inspiration in improving my own skincare routine. So far it’s not happening (yet) as I am still lazy as fuck. Of course, one video led to another and I suddenly I drowned myself in most of his videos. Sometimes I feel like male makeup vloggers tend to go overboard with their makeup and I’m not bout that life, not even with female vloggers, and Ed’s videos were just what I need from a male perspective. Straightforward, focusing on the base and brows which is exactly like me in my day to day life.

Not sure. I’m definitely feeling broke, to be honest. My phone bill arrived last week and I have to pay more than double my monthly bill so that sucks. Blame roaming and being in two countries in a span of half a month. Oh well, that’s the price to pay! Other than that my abs are feeling pretty sore because last week has been all about the cores and planks.

My Wet n Wild Vegan Brushes! They are pink and absolutely gorgeous, inexpensive and super great to use. WNW just restocked them on the website after being sold out for over half a year. Grab them if you can, they are definitely worth it and MORE. I have most of the face brushes: Contour, Flat Top, Large Stipple, Blush, and Powder Brush.

To shampoo my hair already. Saturday night at home made me do weird things like using up all of the hair products I own into my hair, including samples of past beauty boxes related to hair that I don’t use anymore and need throwing out. I have a mix of weird gunk from salt spray, hair masque, volumizing oil, pre-shampoo conditioner all mixed and I won’t be washing my hair until I wake up later in the day. I guess I’ll just have to sleep this off!

I just finished reading Me Before You in hopes of catching the movie before it disappears but honestly it didn’t move me much. It kind of shocked me because I am the most emotional person but I didn’t even shed a single tear while reading the book. I prefer Jojo Moyes’ 2014 book One Plus One—oh I cried buckets while reading that one.

For a smooth week ahead! Mom leaves for Jakarta for a month, I have a lot of errands to do because it’s the start of the month and I want to close things out as much as possible, and I’m going to Boracay next weekend! Definitely looking forward to that as it will be my first time.

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