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The Sunday Currently, v21

It’s almost the start of August! We’re officially in the 2nd part of the year so I wanted to make sure to put out one of these before the madness of the upcoming month.

My WP drafts page. I haven’t been blogging much this month because I’ve been slacking off on finishing a couple of drafts. I’m in that phase again where I write so many things but don’t have a conclusion to any of them. It’s annoying because there’s a chance I won’t ever go back to them.

My July Spotify playlist. Time to open up another one for August!

About events this upcoming week. Koko (our new puppy!!!!–haven’t blogged about this) is getting her shots this Tuesday; then going to a club opening on Wednesday and some stuff planned on Thursday and Friday that’s still kind of tentative. Bring it on I guess?

The Lemon Buttercream Hand Foam I used to wash my hands and arms with after playing with Koko before retreating to my room.

To have luck on getting that extra income. Ya girl needs to get them paper.


1. Koko!!!!!! We got her last Tuesday from a mutual friend. We were supposed to just check her out and think about it but the moment we saw her we absolutely fell in love and decided to just bring her home with us. I think if I decided to wait any longer I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. She’s been such a little ray of sunshine during my days and my heart is so full.

2. My new labeller (Casio Label Printer KL-60). I’ve been labelling all my things and it’s put me in such a great mood. It’s the best!

3. Today. I wasn’t supposed to go out because I wanted a Sunday at home, but my friends convinced me to and we had a good afternoon of coffee and laughter and had super cheap dinner. #SundayFunday

To really curb my shopping urges. I decided to take out the “WANTING” part of this series so that it doesn’t remind me of the things I want and instead focus on the things I need.

Pretty okay and excited for the coming week, but I have to admit my anxiety is always lingering and coming up at the most random of times. I don’t like it, but I’m just going through each day and trying to beat it. Otherwise, how will I end up if I let it win?

The original Sunday Currently appeared here.

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