Things I Love Thursday, #4

Douglas Booth at #LFW.

How gorgeous is this guy? Not to mention he’s so well dressed, you can’t go wrong with that. If he doesn’t have a stylist who works for him, kudos! I’ve always been a fan of the Burberry poster boys (George Craig, Alex Watson, Sam Riley, Tom Guinness and Alex Pettyfer to name a few) and their campaigns are always spot on in terms of model casting. My top favorites have to be George Craig and Douglas Booth because they look a little rough on the ages but really fit the bill of the smooth look Burberry offers.


Suits is the 2nd best TV show I’ve seen this year after Shameless US (What is up with my favorites this year being only 12 episodes and not coming back until a whole full year?). It is SO good and I finished it in less than a week despite work. Until now I’m still in a Suits withdrawal and I’m still thinking about Harvey and Mike’s shenanigans in the world of law. This show is so witty, all the characters have such great chemistry, none of the stories are ever dragged out (you have to keep up with it, just like law) and you can’t help but love the whole ensemble. It’s pretty damn brilliant and as soon as I told the world (my twitter) that I was watching the series, more than a few twitter friends echoed their love for the show too.

Medium-length wavy bob

My hair is very long now and I’m leaning towards a hairstyle change. The last time I cut my hair really short was 3 years ago and I cried in the salon. Yup, not the best experience. The last time I had a haircut though, was 4 months ago and I don’t know what the Korean hairstylist did to my hair because it grew almost twice as long in the past 3 months, which is really weird because it takes forever for my hair to grow back! I’m bent on whether to keep my hair long and dye the ends in pink or bright red or cutting it short like Brooklyn’s and Jiyoung’s above. What I like about this medium wavy bob is that it doesn’t look like it needs high maintenance and I’ve always liked my hair to be as it is. It’s also not too short that you can’t style it. Oh how I love being a girl đŸ˜‰ but the dilemma such as these definitely come with it.

Things I Love Thursday, #2

It’s been a while! I’ve been meaning to write another TILT but I keep on forgetting and when I get the idea it’s not Thursday anymore plus when I feel like drafting a post and it’s not Thursday I feel like I’m cheating. So here’s the 2nd edition!

1. My new MacBook Pro

Fresh two nights ago, I finally replaced my 4 year old white MacBook. It was with me all throughout my college/university life and not to mention my first Mac so there’s definitely a sentimental value attached to it. I’m passing it on to my little sister and hopefully getting some kinks fixed like the random LCD quirks that’s been bugging me the past couple of months. As for this new baby, I’m beyond happy! No more hindrances to work and fangirling.

2. Running

I’ve been consistently running for about a month now and I love it! No form of exercise since dancing has made me this motivated until this one. I’ve always enjoyed running and won 1st place in a few races back when I was in high school but I always regarded it as just wanting to get over the whole sports meet so I can hang with my friends after (lol). I’m back to beginner stage now, I started with walking, then sprinting then jogging and now here I am tracking my progress with adidas miCoach (but ironically wearing Nike shoes). My running goals are still all over the place but hopefully I break the 3km soon. So far my average for about 3-5 times a week is only around 1.5km and pushing myself to do better! There’s just something about the night breeze that calms me because I can only run when I get home from work and I sleep better.

3. Teen Wolf & The Borgias

Ya I know, they’re two really different shows but I’ve been hooked! My love for Teen Wolf started because of a free iTunes download and forcing my sister to watch with me. Even though we were both hesitant, we didn’t want to let a free download go to waste. Fast forward 12 episodes later we’re totally fangirls of the series. I guess it goes with my surprise about how good it is despite being an MTV production (low expectations, okay). The storyline is actually simple, not overdone and the characters are convincing, not to mention the effects aren’t all that bad. I’m not even surprised it’s doing so well that it’s been picked up for another season and on every tween’s radar these days, mine included. Yeah, I’m forever a tween.

I admit I started looking into The Borgias because Luke Pasqualino [ side note: I MISS SKINS!!! ] is one of the recurring cast but when I watched the pilot and the episodes after I just couldn’t get over how great the production is, the cast, the stories, the subtle evil that comes out of all their actions. Having the best History teacher in high school made me a History buff so the stories behind the Borgia family really fascinated me and until now I can’t stop reading about them and what they did to the Christian society. Pretty deep stuff.. definitely one of a kind.

4. Hump Day Holidays

Yesterday was the Independence Day of Indonesia (FREEDOM!) and being a Wednesday, it gave me time to relax and unwind in between working days. Don’t get me wrong I love a long weekend just as much as you do but something about a break in the middle of the week is good too you know? It feels like I only have 2 working days to look forward to all the time. Can’t life be like that? Yesterday was spent having brunch at noon with the boss and lazing around for the rest of the day. Ahh, bliss.

Harry Potter, Finally!

I finally watched Harry Potter last weekend. This is a delayed reaction entry because I’ve been so busy with work ever since the month started and I’m going to become more busy next week because of audits so might as well just write about it now while I’m still free. Did I mention I’m going to work tomorrow, which is a Saturday? Yep.

After months of Hollywood movie deprivation in Indonesia (don’t ask, I didn’t have a clear idea of what went on all I know is Hollywood movies stopped being imported in this country), the first summer blockbusters they showed were Transformers 3 and Harry Potter. Oh boy, Harry Potter. I don’t even know where to begin. Years and years of reading the book, finally came to a close.. but not in my heart. I didn’t think I was going to cry because it usually only happens during sappy lovey dramas but I was wrong. I cried like hell. In the cinema. I bawled. I didn’t even want to be noisy because I didn’t wanna interrupt other moviegoers but I couldn’t help it! There was a point in my bawling where I couldn’t breathe anymore because I was all clogged up so I had to make this big noise of taking in everything and I think people looked, and some of them even chuckled. I was really embarrassed but I couldn’t help it. Even my best friends were laughing at me because that was their 2nd and 3rd time watching so they knew what was going to happen, but being the best friends that they are (and Potterheads) they still accompanied me.

I started crying somewhere in the Hogwarts scene, where basically everything epic started. My tears couldn’t stop falling.. right until the end. I couldn’t explain my emotions. Basically I’m a Potterhead.. but I’m not that hardcore. I read the books since 6th grade and loved it, always watched the movie in the first week of screening, most of the time with my friends, the last movies 6 and 7.1 with my family. Although I don’t really proclaim it to the world, but Harry Potter has definitely been a huge part of me for more than a decade of my life so I guess it’s no surprise either that the tears just couldn’t start falling down.

I also finally got to wear my DLM shirt! DLM (short for Dream A Little More) is a Harry Potter t-shirt business by a good e-friend of mine, Aia whom I’m known for a few years now. She turned her fangirling into something useful by making shirts which are Harry Potter inspired and I got mine all the way from the Philippines! I bought the shirt shaped into Harry’s lightning scar with all the spells written on it to form the lightning. My friends loved it!

Life Desserts: My Weekend

A few hours into a new work week and before I start with work I decided to write about the weekend. On Saturday I had a good reunion with two of my best friends from uni especially with Caroline, whom I haven’t seen in almost 2 years (and also just resurrected her fashion blog!). To cut a long story short, everything which happened became water under the bridge and all of us couldn’t be happier at how things turned out. We met for lunch at Pesto.

Dress and belt by WAGW Cebu, shoes by CELINE Philippines (not to be mistaken with the French Celiné) and ASOS Tradition Colour Briefcase. I was pretty much supporting local Philippine brands in Jakarta that day, except for the ASOS bag. Even my accessories were a gift from a good friend back in Cebu, and the pearl coated bangles were from a tourist shop in Cebu as well.

I’m such a mini me compared to my friends especially Caroline who’s super tall and still wearing heels. She told us she wanted to pursue a career as a flight attendant, of course she got our full support and now she’s applying. Good luck!!

We wanted the whole day to stretch out without parting ways yet so we decided to proceed to the mall to do a bit of shopping. I got myself a MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Modesty and Caroline and I bought matching cute synthetic two tone flats which are just the most comfortable to wear. I think one day we’re gonna wear it together, of course with different styles of clothing. We met a few friends in another cafe and had a few laughs then since Carol had another appointment, we left for yet another restaurant in the South for dessert, light dinner (yes dessert came first!) and drinks.

Speaking of desserts, I had one too many on Saturday. They were so good I forgot their names. I think I had a full Chocolate Mousse after lunch and another Hazelnut & Chocolate Mousse at night plus I also got to try Mille Feuille which are thin layers of pastry with cream and chocolate filling served with vanilla ice cream–heavenly! Dessert overload much?

I had a pretty great Saturday after a few weekends of laying low on alcohol. Lazy Sunday was spent catching up on feeds and reading One Day on my Kindle. The book is amazing so far, each chapter offers an insight to growing up and the best part is there’s a movie coming out soon, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess who I think are just the right people to play Em & Dex respectively. I’ve been following a pattern with reading books based on growing up, just before One Day I read A Visit from the Goon Squad which was also great, albeit a little dark at times. I can’t wait to watch One Day the movie and I heard Goon Squad is going to be developed as an HBO TV Series so I can’t wait to see how that turns out too.

Oscars 2011 Red Carpet Faves

I decided to make a post about the Oscar dresses this year because all of them took my heart.. Some a little more than the others in which I’m going to post here. I’m always on the lookout during Awards Season because I love seeing all the clothes and the dresses and it makes me so excited. My favorite red carpets are always the first and the last. The Golden Globes and The Academy Awards. So here are some of my Oscar favorites this season:

The Reds

I am a HUGE fan of long red dresses and gowns so I was especially happy when I saw a few of them in the red carpet. All these four worn by Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang, Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein, Anne Hathaway in Valentino and Penelope Cruz in L’Wren Scott look great. My favorite out of the four would have to be Sandra’s. When I saw this dress I immediately decided that it was going to be my favorite of the night.

If there’s one designer (or even businesswoman) that I aspire to be, it would Monique Lhuiller. I have got to rep her because we come from the same hometown and studied in the same school. Not only that, her eye for taste and detail never ever disappoints. There is a big reason why she is one of the number one chosen people for wedding gowns. This gown by Mandy Moore is just absolutely beautiful and if I’m not mistaken is straight off the runway. No words, love it.

At first I was a little surprised that Mila went a little bit casual for the Oscars in Elie Saab, but she definitely stood out. The detail of this dress is just amazing and it fit her body so well.

I’m not very familiar with Kaufman Franco’s designs but I love this dress so much. It’s a fairytale princess dress in black. I can’t explain why but this was one of my favorites of the night and it wouldn’t have worked in any other color. Even though it’s black it still compliments her olive skin so well and it doesn’t drown her out despite it being a big dress. She managed to turn my head even thought she isn’t even really directly connected to the Oscars.

These were my favorites for the night. The rest were still great and some were just okay for me. Runners up would have to be Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa, Michelle Williams in Chanel and Hilary Swank in Gucci Premier. Who were your favorites?