Trackball Woes

I have a BlackBerry Curve/Javelin 8900. For some reason, every time I’m in the office in all its cold and freezing glory my trackball decides to get stuck and doesn’t wanna move up. You know the old school mouse pre-optical version when something would get stuck inside the big trackball causing it to be completely useless? Yeah, that. These past few weeks it’s been irritating the crap out of me but when I’m NOT in the office it works completely fine! (Maybe it’s a sign that I’m not supposed to be a crackberry whore while working ha~!). However this week, it decides to completely eff the heck out. I tried various methods like the minyak kayu putih (Cajuput oil) one where you pour some on cloth and wipe it on your trackball. It would work but the day after it would get stuck again when I’m in the office.

So today(!), I found this method after consulting Father Google, which never fails. Although the video shows  that it was done with the Tour, I did it to my phone anyway and probably spent hours (in between work of course–we don’t wanna get fired right) trying it.

The Paper Strip Method for cleaning a BlackBerry

This method worked, although I had to set my frustrations aside when paper bits would get stuck inside (there are still probably some right now) so I used it with a straw. For a while the trackball got COMPLETELY stuck and all my efforts were wasted. Due to my utmost frustration I poured a whole lot of Cajuput oil (see minyak kayu putih reference above) and just rubbed it with my blouse like there was no tomorrow. IT WORKED. My trackball finally works right left up down. I don’t know until long but I hope until forever so I don’t have to spend money on replacement. The bad thing is, I smell like the damn oil and it is NOT sexy. Worth it anyway.. now let’s just hope my trackball doesn’t go mucking up again.

My office cubicle today. You know that green bottle you see on the left? I bought that especially for my trackball. Whoever thought of that method is pretty much a little genius. It is widely recommended by BlackBerry users around Indonesia because it’s a tried, tested and proven. The duration of the fix is questionable though…

The New and Old

I was at work today when I suddenly had the urge to buy a domain during my lunch break. I’ve been wanting to get my own domain with my name on it for the longest time, but I’ve always held back with putting my last name out there. My online and offline life has always been completely separate, I have friends in both and mixing them together makes it completely weird. For example, Facebook is for the offline people, whereas Twitter is more for the online ones (with the exception of a few IRL friends of course).

This will be sort of a hybrid, a start of me not caring about who will read this blog. I still have no idea what to do with the index page though. I’m not exactly a webdesigner so it’s like a silent mockery if I put a “portfolio” nor I am a photographer so I have to figure out what to do for that page. What I know is that I just love the internet and blogging so it’s always hard for me to stay out of the loop and stuff.

Everything’s gonna be in red, because this is my official birthday post. Hahhaha. =)
I am sooo 18 now. Phew. Time sure flies by fast.

Happy Birthday to me!!

Thanks to these wonderful people who greeted me first. 🙂

Thank you Alrenz!!!

The 2 guys who greeted me in YM! first: Thanks Kevin and JB!!!

One of my best girlfriends, Veronica. Thanks girl 😀 mwah.

My late-night online gal pal and Ganguro master, I was soo touched she made a blog about me in her multiply. Thanks Ana!!!

And finally my dear batchmate Alvin. Tenchuu.. ^^

Thanks guys I love you all. And to the people who greeted me in Friendster as well. This is as good as it gets online.


Please forgive me if I’m not always blogging anymore. I have lost resources on computers but soon, in about a month or two, I will be back on track again. I’ll just be doing the updates now and then, but not always. Probably just once a week or even just once every two weeks.

Yesterday, it was my birthday. Hehe. Spent it with my family first, then friends. This is the first birthday after a very long time that I didn’t spend it with my mom and I was quite sad, but hey, it’s my birthday after all. I got 3 cakes. Two round chocolate monsters one, and one huge ORANGE cake full of icing from my lil cute cousins. It was just a simple birthday actually, just went to the mall with my 2 of my friends, I went shopping of course, then treated them to Cafe Havana. We were supposed to watch Stars Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, but even though there were 3 cinemas for it, the line was like 4 kilometers each. Damn. Clubbing was supposed to be next to, all dressed up already but then my stomach really ached and I didn’t feel like it anymore I didn’t know why. So there, the simplest 17th birthday ever.

When 12 o’clock struck on the 21’st of May, my barkada back in Jakarta called. The second I heard their crazy voices greeting me, that’s when it hit me, I cried so much after that. I just realized that I missed them so much but that I’m also happy here. So there you go, the former birthday girl is signing off. =p

//edit// I’m taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Management.