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Another December

I’m in Singapore right now as I type this, and just like last year, I’m spending the whole month out of the country again. The difference this time is that it’s super hot and humid as opposed to my snow-filled 2015 December in the East Coast. My trip here isn’t purely pleasure as I’m here for work at the head office. But then again, I count work as pleasure so it’s a win-win for me nevertheless. My family is coming down in the next few weeks and we all decided to just spend Christmas here. I left on December 2 and started on a good note spending the weekend with old colleagues and Singapore reunions with old friends. This is my 4th time to Singapore this year (and probably my 65th all time), but I’m glad I got to go to places I haven’t been to before and do things I haven’t despite being so familiar with the city. In hindsight there isn’t much to do here, but if you find the right events and …

NYC In A Nutshell

If I wasn’t such a lazy person, I’d be a vlogger by now. I can’t even maintain a full blog let alone do video blogs. It takes up so much of your time and requires a whole lot of dedication. Carrying a DSLR alone is already dedication in itself. After almost a year since my trip to the East Coast for Christmas and New Year, I have finally decided to wrap up the video montage of my few days in NYC. My sister took most of the footage because she had her own video to do, but here are some snippets of that crazy city in our eyes.

Post Birthday Thoughts

It hasn’t sunk in that I’m 28. It’s a weird feeling of either “because I can’t accept it” or the “I couldn’t care less because I will always feel mentally 19 anyway” mixture of emotions. I mean what’s new, right? My birthday was a blur but it wasn’t a bad one at all. In fact it was pretty damn great, if we’re talking about scale. The birthday weekend was so packed that I was hardly able to keep up with all the happenings. Ending a busy work week in Singapore and flying off to Jakarta in time for my birthday weekend full of lunch and dinner parties with friends and extended family, hosted by my ever supportive Aunts in Jakarta who not only want to give me the best but also love the thrill of event planning. Birthdays will always have that stress factor. In addition to the pressures of “adulting”, there’s also that need to celebrate because you’re so blessed to be loved by people that you want to share it all around. If …

Blog In My Head

If only there was a machine that could register the blog ideas that spew out of my mind at the most random of times, then I’d totally be a super regular blogger. I have so much makeup but have barely done a one product review post. Why is that? Laziness. LAZINESS is the form of all evil. Writing is one thing, I love writing, heck I can write as much as I want.. but a pretty post with pretty pictures of the things I’m writing about? That’s another thing. So here’s a mental list of the things I want to blog about but I am too lazy to do so. Let this post serve as a knock on the head. 2015 Makeup Favorites US Makeup Haul (oh there are a lot of these) Brow products review (THERE ARE ALSO A LOT OF THESE) New York Trip Washington DC Trip New Years’ Day in New York Hong Kong November Trip Christmas Day in New York City Watching Matilda on Broadway Singapore January Trip

Hello, 2016

I don’t even know where to start. What I know is, I finally got the 2015 review posts out of the way! I promised myself last year that I wouldn’t resume blogging unless I filled that out. I know everything in this blog since the year started has been long overdue considering today’s date but I would like to at least redeem myself for my 2 month absence. Here’s a little recap of how my 2016 has been so far.. For the whole of January I was only “home” for less than a week. As soon as I got back from New York, I had a few days to unpack and breathe for a bit before heading off to another Singapore work trip. That was a really packed week where I did lots of alignment with my bosses, meeting clients, and working with various teams on achieving projects, not to mention team outings and just generally catching up with colleagues I work with every day but don’t see. Ahhh, the wonders of being a digital …