Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v14

I was a bit surprised to find out that my last 10HT entry was 3 months ago. I’ve been having some sort of a mental struggle lately and doing this series always reminds me to be grateful of what I have, despite the all the shitty things I’m feeling.

1. Meeting Erwan Heussaff. His film crew together with Wil & Haley Dasovich (who I also met) were in Cebu yesterday to do a Cebu leg for his Overnight Travel Guide series. I had dinner at the hotel they were staying at and glad I got to catch Erwan and had a little chat with him. I’ve been following him since he did his cooking videos on Vimeo that were so raw and authentic. Absolutely proud of his success and I’m glad he was such an easy person to have a conversation with.

2. My new Kindle cover. I ordered a baby pink magnetic cover for my Kindle Paperwhite off eBay about a month ago and didn’t expect for it to arrive at all, considering the perils of Philippine customs. It was $6 (so cheap huhu) I was willing to risk so I was definitely surprised it arrived yesterday and straight to my house despite it being a standard post. Are things finally changing?

3. Sunday night birthday parties. One of my dear friends celebrated her birthday and although I was reluctant to go because of Monday work, I suggested to her that it would be good if we started early. She agreed and it didn’t stop us from having the best fun we could ever have. It was a good night.

4. A full & balanced weekend. September was a month of alcohol cleanse, rest, and bringing my health back to optimum levels. Last Friday I went hard after a while, but still keeping my sanity. On Saturday my friends and I went to visit Simala Church in the South of Cebu and I took that opportunity to just be thankful and practice gratefulness.

5. Payday Monday. I mean, that’s enough to put on this list, right? Say no more.

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The Sunday Currently, v21

It’s almost the start of August! We’re officially in the 2nd part of the year so I wanted to make sure to put out one of these before the madness of the upcoming month.

My WP drafts page. I haven’t been blogging much this month because I’ve been slacking off on finishing a couple of drafts. I’m in that phase again where I write so many things but don’t have a conclusion to any of them. It’s annoying because there’s a chance I won’t ever go back to them.

My July Spotify playlist. Time to open up another one for August!

About events this upcoming week. Koko (our new puppy!!!!–haven’t blogged about this) is getting her shots this Tuesday; then going to a club opening on Wednesday and some stuff planned on Thursday and Friday that’s still kind of tentative. Bring it on I guess?

The Lemon Buttercream Hand Foam I used to wash my hands and arms with after playing with Koko before retreating to my room.

To have luck on getting that extra income. Ya girl needs to get them paper.


1. Koko!!!!!! We got her last Tuesday from a mutual friend. We were supposed to just check her out and think about it but the moment we saw her we absolutely fell in love and decided to just bring her home with us. I think if I decided to wait any longer I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. She’s been such a little ray of sunshine during my days and my heart is so full.

2. My new labeller (Casio Label Printer KL-60). I’ve been labelling all my things and it’s put me in such a great mood. It’s the best!

3. Today. I wasn’t supposed to go out because I wanted a Sunday at home, but my friends convinced me to and we had a good afternoon of coffee and laughter and had super cheap dinner. #SundayFunday

To really curb my shopping urges. I decided to take out the “WANTING” part of this series so that it doesn’t remind me of the things I want and instead focus on the things I need.

Pretty okay and excited for the coming week, but I have to admit my anxiety is always lingering and coming up at the most random of times. I don’t like it, but I’m just going through each day and trying to beat it. Otherwise, how will I end up if I let it win?

The original Sunday Currently appeared here.

Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v11

Welcome to the first edition of Friday’s 10 Happy Things for 2016! If you didn’t know about this project yet, it’s a blog series Helga came up with last year and it’s a great exercise to remember the positive things that happened within the week.

1. Parents’ 28th anniversary. Last weekend we celebrated my parents’ wedding anniversary by doing a little family staycation in Mövenpick Cebu. As always, a good dose of sun, sand, and sea is always something I love and look forward to and it’s impossible for me to not have a great time.

2. On the Wings of Love final week. I just realized this is the second time I’ve mentioned this in my blog series! It’s the last week before the show wraps up and although I don’t religiously watch it, I have been staying tuned every day for the past 2 weeks. I’m a fan of this loveteam so it deserves a place in this list!

3. Midweek beach break. Wednesday and Thursday were holidays in Cebu (though not for me, because we follow Singaporean holidays at work) my parents took me and my sister with them for that much needed province trip since we haven’t been “home” since last year. It was a good break from the work-from-home routine for me as I got to work at the beach for a few hours. Isn’t it amazing what internet can do?

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2015 Year In Review, Part II

For Part I, click here.

21. What was your most common mental state last year (e.g. excited, curious, stressed)?
In between excited and anxious. It was a constant battle.

22. Was there anything you did for the very first time in your life last year?
2016 was a year of many firsts. First time being hospitalized multiple times, first time opening my heart to someone wholeheartedly, first time traveling to the States, first time seeing snow, first time working from home, and so many more I can’t recall further.

23. What was your favourite moment spent with your friends?
Many many many moments worth the cherish. The core‘s impromptu Singapore trip that was totally unplanned and jampacked, Camiguin trip with office girls, my impromptu weekend trip to Manila that led to a series of fun events, moments when my best friend stayed with me for almost 2 months (beach trips, constant hangs), another year of an extended birthday celebration that lasted for a good 5 days, impromptu South of Cebu roadtrip with friends and chasing literal waterfalls.. Too many moments embedded in my head.

24. What major goal did you lay the foundations for?
Mostly goals related to career. I may not know what I absolutely want but I feel like I’m at least getting there.

25. Which worries turned out to be completely unnecessary?
This will be the same as last year’s: worries about how I will get through the day/week/month/year.

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2015 Year In Review, Part I

Hello there! Happy Valentines Day and welcome to my very first entry of the year. Before I go through what’s been happening, I’d like to do another set of Year In Review entries again, like what I did last year (here). I remember having a really good introspective moment while doing that entry and while I feel like so much happened last year, I can’t believe it’s been more than one whole year since I did that. Ah, time.

1. What one event, big or small, are you going to tell your grandchildren about?
If you feel like the decision is right for yourself no matter how scary, make it.

2. If you had to describe your 2015 in 3 words, what would they be?
Full. Of. Surprises.

3. What new things did you discover about yourself?
I can actually fall in love.

4. What single achievement are you most proud of?
Making decisions for myself despite what people around me think.

5. What was the best news you received?
Oh, I had my fair share of good news (and bad) last year. I guess one that would have to take the cake is getting to travel to New York.

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