The Sunday Currently, v19

This is going up quite early because I’m home on a Saturday x Sunday night! I’ve quite a lot going on for July so it’s a homebody weekend. The photo above correctly depicts my current position right now, lying on my stomach in bed in the dark, typing away on my MacBook.

A new dog. It’s been exactly 4 years since Sushi died and she will forever be missed. Recently I’ve been getting that lingering feeling of having a pet and I think it’s time and that I am ready. I’m just looking for places where I can adopt or buy—whichever comes first. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and should be taken seriously so I’m not going to rush into it because it’s something that requires a lot of decision making and extreme thought. Also when we bought Sushi, she chose us and not the other way around, so unless I get the same vibes from our soon-to-be dog then I won’t haphazardly make any rash decisions.

All of GOT7’s hits from beginning to end. I’ve been so out of touch with all of K-pop in the past few years but I try to keep up with my (very few) favorites, and GOT7 is one of them.

I probably spent the whole day yesterday watching Edward Avila‘s videos on YouTube. I’ve been going back to watching a lot of 8 to 10 step Korean skin routine videos in hopes of getting inspiration in improving my own skincare routine. So far it’s not happening (yet) as I am still lazy as fuck. Of course, one video led to another and I suddenly I drowned myself in most of his videos. Sometimes I feel like male makeup vloggers tend to go overboard with their makeup and I’m not bout that life, not even with female vloggers, and Ed’s videos were just what I need from a male perspective. Straightforward, focusing on the base and brows which is exactly like me in my day to day life.

Not sure. I’m definitely feeling broke, to be honest. My phone bill arrived last week and I have to pay more than double my monthly bill so that sucks. Blame roaming and being in two countries in a span of half a month. Oh well, that’s the price to pay! Other than that my abs are feeling pretty sore because last week has been all about the cores and planks.

My Wet n Wild Vegan Brushes! They are pink and absolutely gorgeous, inexpensive and super great to use. WNW just restocked them on the website after being sold out for over half a year. Grab them if you can, they are definitely worth it and MORE. I have most of the face brushes: Contour, Flat Top, Large Stipple, Blush, and Powder Brush.

To shampoo my hair already. Saturday night at home made me do weird things like using up all of the hair products I own into my hair, including samples of past beauty boxes related to hair that I don’t use anymore and need throwing out. I have a mix of weird gunk from salt spray, hair masque, volumizing oil, pre-shampoo conditioner all mixed and I won’t be washing my hair until I wake up later in the day. I guess I’ll just have to sleep this off!

I just finished reading Me Before You in hopes of catching the movie before it disappears but honestly it didn’t move me much. It kind of shocked me because I am the most emotional person but I didn’t even shed a single tear while reading the book. I prefer Jojo Moyes’ 2014 book One Plus One—oh I cried buckets while reading that one.

For a smooth week ahead! Mom leaves for Jakarta for a month, I have a lot of errands to do because it’s the start of the month and I want to close things out as much as possible, and I’m going to Boracay next weekend! Definitely looking forward to that as it will be my first time.

The Sunday Currently, v18

Healthwise, better than I ever did last week. My nose isn’t clogged anymore but I still have a bit of a cold in the form of excess phlegm (sorry for the visual). A bit nervous too, because I’ll be starting the GM Diet this week. I feel like I ate too much during my trips last month that I need to detox.

I watched Zootopia today and incredibly enjoyed it. Now I’m annoyed at myself for not catching it in the cinema. There are so many movies I haven’t watched in the cinema this year. Boo me!

To get my finances in tact. I really need to be more financially responsible.

For this week to be kind of to me, both mentally and physically!

About where I put my earphones because I need them — my pink Urbanears Kransen. I absolutely love them and have been using them nonstop since I bought them last year. They haven’t conked out on me and have been surprisingly durable with better than average sound.

To go back to yoga again. It’s been almost 2 months.

My Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. I’ve been raving about this ever since I started using it.

Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v10

Happy 10th to this blog series! I’ve really gone to love this blog series as it allows me to look back on positive stuff that has happened during my week. It’s therapeutic in a sense!

  1. Bumping into the Pastillas boys. Last Saturday night, we (my mom & sister) had dinner at Mizu, the Japanese restaurant over at Waterfront Hotel. We didn’t really want to head home after dinner so we decided to just chill at the lobby cafe; get dessert, have tea and just lounge. This is something we’ve always loved to do as a family even when we were back in Jakarta, so it was a nice night. There was an event in one of the ballrooms and apparently the boys who joined that Pastillas segment in Showtime were a few of the guests. If something is to be known about me, it’s that I followed that twitterserye and ate it up like a true Filipino fangirl. My mom took photos of me together with the chosen one, Richard, and the Australian guy, Michael. I told them to act like we were close and be all sweet with me, and this was the finished product. Thanks, mom!
  2. #Matts24thSunriseParty. One of my best friends decided to celebrate his birthday differently by having a party at dawn and towards sunrise. I hardly slept the night before but it was a good kind of change to have a party start at 5am and end before 10am. Definitely one of a kind and all worth it because we really did see the sunrise (photo above)!
  3. APEC Week. This affected me in quite the most positive way. Cebu has had its share of APEC a month or two ago but since our Manila office is located in BGC, our HQ decided that everyone should work from home or remote for the whole week so as to not deal with traffic and road closure madness in Manila. Being the only remote employee in the company, this was a great change to see everyone in their own homes or in other locations aside from the office, just like me.
  4. Work projects. Work was pretty inspiring this week. In between handing new clients, dealing with crazy ones, and having loads of work to do, it really makes a difference when you love what you do and see the fruits of your labor. There may be some bumps along the way, but it’s a good learning curve and with the kind of job that I’m in.. it’s pretty rewarding.
  5. Justin Bieber. Ahh, the gift that keeps on giving. His promos for Purpose have been giving me the greatest dose of fangirl that I needed this whole month. Guestings in talk shows, Bieber Week on Ellen, live performances, JB Carpool Karaoke part 2 with James Corden.. and the list goes on!
  6. Mockingjay pt. 2 promos. I’m kind of over the whole Hunger Games phase and don’t even really have the desire to watch the movie in the cinema. I’ll probably just watch it in the plane next month or something. I will, however, NEVER tire of watching the interviews, TV guestings, and crazy antics that Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson go through for the movie promotions. Whether individual or together, I love watching these three. I think it was on Monday that I woke up earlier than usual so I decided to go through a buttload of promo videos and interviews of the trio. Made my day!
  7. Slumber Party! I had a great full day with two girls I adore—Ham & Riz—and we spent it with our usual cafe chill, then had super yummy dinner, and then a long-ass karaoke session (4 hours is no joke!) that didn’t have a single dull moment, empty spot or rest. We just kept singing like no tomorrow. They spent the night at my house and it was just a great time altogether.
  8. Sunday night massage. I always treasure these bi-monthly massages because my back always kills me by the end of the week. I realize I don’t really mention this in my happy things but it keeps me going. I love massages.
  9. Glossier’s Boy Brow. I am a fan of Benefit’s Gimme Brow and planned to repurchase it because mine ran out, but when ITG / Glossier came out with Boy Brow last month, I decided I wanted to try it instead. Watched one of the reviews and with a certain promo code you get a free Balm Dot Com, so I took that opportunity and ordered one for myself! I won’t be getting it until I arrive New York next month because I had it shipped there but the promo ends on November 30 so I made sure to order it before then. So excited!
  10. boybrow

  11. A quick week, overall. I don’t know what happened, maybe I was just enjoying this week too much that just like that, the clock struck 12 to Saturday now. I’m always thankful for a good week. Next up, Hong Kong!
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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v9

Seems like this is all I ever do because the week is so filled I usually only have time to blog on the weekends, so there’s FTHT and TSC posts. Heh.

  1. New music week! What a great week for pop music. Adele’s Hello, 1D’s Perfect, Justin Bieber’s Sorry, then DNCE’s EP dropping, and Drake’s Hotline Bling music video making waves all over the interwebs. Makes me proud to live in this era, tbh.
  2. This week’s You’re the Worst – Season 2 Episode 7: There Is Not Currently a Problem. This episode really moved me in more ways than one. It was such a strong one, I ended up crying more than I would have wanted. I put it in the happy list because I was so moved at how they portrayed someone suffering from clinical depression. Even while reading the LA Times article about the episode, it made me want to cry even more.
  3. A stressful work week. Lots of “phwoar!” things happened at work this week so this wasn’t initially a happy thing for me but after a lot of introspection I realized that an absence of a stressful work week would mean that I would have to be alone with my thoughts for a much longer time (aka not good) with less productivity levels. That’s not a good thing for me at all. As much as I love the lazy life when my brain isn’t working (like literally working on work mode) I become somewhat crazy. I have a job that I love that I can do anywhere (remote ftw) that gives me good, challenging stress and money! What’s not happy about that?
  4. Tuesday yoga. I took my sister with me to Tuesday’s yoga class and it was kind of a struggle for her that she said, “Why would you pay for something that gives you torture?” I embrace yoga’s torture, wholeheartedly. It’s probably the only torture I don’t mind and completely accept because the return of investment is so quick and fulfilling. I feel much better, I sleep better, I eat better. I know I’ve probably said this countless times but yoga really is life changing for me.
  5. A bit of time to catch up with 2PM‘s activities. I hate Japan for taking them away but I had a few hours to spare this week (also to alleviate stress) so I used that time to catch up with what 2PM’s been up to. I miss being a full-time fangirl!
  6. Fulfilling my cravings. I think I’m about to get my period (I HOPE SO) because I’ve been craving all kinds of salty food lately. Probably not good for my health and diet, but I ate all the salty things this week. And it made me happy.
  7. Rock Salt & Cheese milk tea topping. Another one of them cravings that I fulfilled!
  8. Gerald Anderson guesting on this week’s PBB. Shock! Me talking about local showbiz? I was such a huge fan of his season almost a decade ago when I was still in early college and seeing him back in the house brought back all these happy feelings out of nowhere I just had to point it out here.
  9. Revlon’s Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde. I colored my hair lighter last week so I had to look for a lighter brow product that wasn’t in my usual range of price or brand. Truthfully I was almost going to buy the Stila All Day Brow Gel but my good friend said, “No Rustan’s for you. We will go to Watsons!!” and I was grateful for that. This also made me break out of my comfort zones with brow bowders and brow gels because the Revlon Brow Fantasy is a pencil product! I’m still getting the hang of it but it’s been a good learning experience so far and I am finally mastering the art of the brow pencil. I use this product for my overall brow, then my current Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse for my brow tail so I give it more emphasis. Yep, in case you didn’t know, I take my brows seriously. That’s what happens when you have nonexistent brows.
  10. Dancing the night away. Because of everything that’s been happening the past few months I haven’t had the time or energy or the will to go out partying at all. The whole revelry life has really worn me out but last weekend I was inside the club again and danced to my heart’s content. Without alcohol. I didn’t think I’d be able to do the whole no alcohol thing, but I did and a million fuck yeahs for that.

Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v6

    1. Manila business trip. From Monday to Wednesday I was in Manila to meet with my colleagues and bosses! It was such a great experience. I will start to work remote full-time soon but I love that my new job allows me to travel to either Singapore or Manila once in a while to be in an office with my colleages and the last few days were just that. The Singapore team also flew down to Manila so it was definitely a reunion of sorts.
    2. Staying and working in BGC. I have always avoided going to Manila my whole life (sorry, guys) because I know how hectic it can get. I lived in Jakarta long enough to know what crazy city life is like. I love how BGC is like an insight to how Manila could have been. As superficial as I can get, for me, Manila = BGC.
    3. Crazy Rich Asians delivery. Being a Fullybooked member they called me and asked if I wanted a signed copy of Kevin Kwan’s book while he did his signing in Manila and they would ship it to me in Cebu. Of course I said yes! I’ve been wanting to read his books for a while now and this was finally a good opportunity for me to buy the book and have it signed by the author himself.

    4. New friends. Entering a new job also means new acquaintances that turn into friends. So glad we had quite a few similar interests that made our “getting to know each other” phase totally natural.
    5. Pharrell x Todd James Supershell. I bought this when I was in Manila and couldn’t be happier! I didn’t manage to get the Supercolors last April in Singapore because no stores had my size (boo-hoo) but I’m glad Manila had them. Haaaaappy. Been wanting to cop these for ages now. It still surprises me sometimes that I still have the yearning for “kicks” even at this age.
    6. The Six Pack reunion. My Manila trip once again had me reunited with 2 of my best girlfriends from The Six Pack. Nothing beats a night (or two!) with your original homegirls.
    7. New lippies! I know, I have splurged in more lipsticks than I what I actually need the past few weeks. Namely: MAC Del Rio, MAC Captive, NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Bansar, Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lolita, Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Berlin. I should probably stop and not buy any new lipstick until next year or something (who am I kidding?).
    8. Wildflour. I ate there twice, once for dinner and the next for breakfast because I heard they had different menus. Aaaahh so good. I think I liked their breakfast menu best because my boss ordered so much food and I got to try most of them. YUMMEH.
    9. Well wishes and genuine compliments. Because of what I went through the past month or two, especially due to my health and being in and out of the hospital, I received a lot of well wishes from friends and compliments that I didn’t look like I went through hell (hah!) and bounced back looking pretty good.
    10. High Society. This is a bit late because I finished this K-drama last week but I still can’t get over it until now. I usually watch a few K-dramas a year (it used to be 3-4 when I had all the time but now I probably can only do one a year, two at most). Anyway, I was so engrossed with High Society that I finished it within 36 hours. It had pretty much all the things I liked in a drama: beautiful leads, rich families, unrequited love, smart banters, strong female characters and overall an enjoyable story that made me stick to it.
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