Half Over

It’s almost the 2nd half the year, y’all! I remember being in this position last year and wishing that time would rush so that I could get over all the bad feelings, the (physical and emotional) pain, the confusion, and all the crazy things I was experiencing at the time. Going through a breakup, a surgery and two more hospitalizations after that definitely took a toll on me. A whole year has passed and when I feel like my days are super mundane I snap out of that reality and focus on how so much has changed. What made me write this was when this entry came up on my Timehop this morning and I was like, damn, that was a year ago, huh. I mean, I went to New York after that!! If it’s not all right, then it definitely isn’t the end.

I wanted to write about the highlights of my year so far but I started to get lost in my thoughts again, then proceeded to go through my YouTube subscriptions. Typical me, can never stick with doing one thing and immediately go through the next one without wrapping things up.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that even though it’s been a pretty eventful year there are things that still haven’t changed, like hardly failing to go through my subscribed videos of late night TV shows each night before I sleep, or that I’m still playing SimCity Buildit religiously, or that my existence on Twitter is still very much alive and possibly the longest commitment I’ve ever managed to keep. Further noting that I have managed to stay shallow and have shallow interests because I am sometimes trash and like trashy things. Hey, no judgement!

On a serious note, I can honestly say that living in Cebu still feels new even though I’ve already been here for a good 4 years; with indirect pressure from my family to go elsewhere. I’ve gained a lot of new friends that feel like family and a simpler outlook on things. Does that really happen as you get older? I remember being 17 and thinking I had infinite possibilities. 10 years later I still do but eventually I just want a small house by the sea with fast internet connection and mobile banking so I can have the ultimate work-life balance. Travel few times a year and broaden my knowledge. Such a simple thing to want but so difficult to achieve with real world getting in the way. Adulting has its moments.

I better get to sleep now. It’s 10 minutes after 2am and my ass is going to get kicked during workout later. Cheers to the rest of ’16!

The Sunday Currently, v17

Welcome to the very first edition of this years’ The Sunday Currently! We’re on to the 3rd week of the 3rd month of the year and time is showing no signs of slowing down. My weekends are finally starting to show a footing of routine but I’m still at a crossroads of whether I like it or not. This has been the most unexpected year ever. Anyway, on to the post!

Having a headache. I’m not sure if this was brought on by the chocolates I had after dinner and the tea I had with it, but as I sat down to catch up with work (yes, on a Sunday night), an onset of a migraine arrived. Tempted to take a Nyquil but I still have work to do so it will have to wait once I’m done. Aside from that, it’s been quite an eventful and satisfying weekend so I’m capping it off with a good dose of fangirling.

Honestly, videos related to work that I really don’t want to elaborate so let’s just leave it at this.

About too many things all at once I don’t think my mind is coherent enough to translate it all to a post. Work, how to get through this week, my future, JaDine, how to finish this challenge of a game I’m playing, travel plans. Ugh. I feel like I need to empty my brain for a bit and just be literally thoughtless. I think it’s also not helping that my period is supposed to start in less than a week so maybe it’s a combination of that.

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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v11

Welcome to the first edition of Friday’s 10 Happy Things for 2016! If you didn’t know about this project yet, it’s a blog series Helga came up with last year and it’s a great exercise to remember the positive things that happened within the week.

1. Parents’ 28th anniversary. Last weekend we celebrated my parents’ wedding anniversary by doing a little family staycation in Mövenpick Cebu. As always, a good dose of sun, sand, and sea is always something I love and look forward to and it’s impossible for me to not have a great time.

2. On the Wings of Love final week. I just realized this is the second time I’ve mentioned this in my blog series! It’s the last week before the show wraps up and although I don’t religiously watch it, I have been staying tuned every day for the past 2 weeks. I’m a fan of this loveteam so it deserves a place in this list!

3. Midweek beach break. Wednesday and Thursday were holidays in Cebu (though not for me, because we follow Singaporean holidays at work) my parents took me and my sister with them for that much needed province trip since we haven’t been “home” since last year. It was a good break from the work-from-home routine for me as I got to work at the beach for a few hours. Isn’t it amazing what internet can do?

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Walk That Blog

Things that I happened after the last time I wrote in here:

  1. I turned 24! Oh my goodness. 24 is such a gross age. LOL no seriously, I’m still 19 at heart and will remain that way until someone knocks some sense into my head.
  2. My birthday was great. I was with my closest friends and they were with me when the clock strike 12 on the 21st. Even my parents stopped by after midnight. At around 3am it was spent with 3 of my bestest friends laughing, eating, and drinking. Then a few days later the family spent the night at the beach resort to celebrate me and my dad’s birthday (we’re only 2 days apart).
  3. I did see the whale sharks! We pushed through with our not-so-impromptu trip to the South of Cebu. Ended up staying the night (I had no extra clothes) and decided to go whale shark-watching in the early morning. It’s pretty cool how such sea creatures exist. I want to go again.
  4. Fell out of likeness just as quickly as I (almost) fell in. There was a guy.. and that’s pretty much it. I’m glad I didn’t fall into a quicksand with him.
  5. I’m still having fun at work, thanks to the people I work with. Especially my team.
  6. My sister is officially here! She got back just last week after 4 months of not seeing each other and is now finally going to school. Kind of a big adjustment for her, but I’m sure she’ll do fine. I missed her loads <3 I’m so glad she’s back.
  7. My Moleskine is officially still empty since February. Fuck. I hate it. HATE HATE HATE! Ugh.
  8. I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I’m now reading the second book. I don’t know why I’m making myself suffer, seriously.
  9. I’ve been going out so often but last weekend was one for the books as it was the first time in a veryyyyy long time I got shitfaced drunk. I always hold my alcohol so well but last weekend… well remains last weekend.
  10. Guess who’s still lazy to post photos to support this post? Me.

On another note, Namecheap was having a sale on .org domains because apparently prices are about to increase. Safe to say I still have this baby until 2014. That should be enough to not half-ass my blogging anymore.