Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v5

I’m happy that my happy things entries have finally reached the 5th version! Let’s not waste any time..

  1. Busy busy week! The upside to a busy week is that time flies by really fast.. I had to run so many errands this week in between my 3 jobs (phew)!
  2. Signed resignation letter. This was one of the hardest things I had to do this year. So much decision-making took place since the beginning of the year and I finally decide to hand it in. This is really for me more than anyone else.. and I hope this decision takes me to great places.
  3. Yoga. Woohoo!! How happy am I? The last time I did yoga was about a month and a half ago (one of my longest hiatus ever since I started). Yesterday’s class was a lot slower than the usual flow so it was a bit taxing on my hamstrings.. BUT ALL GOOD. Ahhhh.
  4. The Six Pack dot co. My best friends and I decided to start a blog about our friendship and post about our lives. I can’t wait to see where it goes! We’ve already started scheduling posts between the 6 of us. Do check it out.
  5. A conversation with a good friend I haven’t talked to in a while. Distance does things to a friendship.. if you let it. I had a good friend moved to the States last year and this year we both went into transitions in life that made our communication falter (she doesn’t have social media, unlike me) a little but talking to her again felt so great that I cried a lot of happy, grateful tears.
  6. A step to good health. First full week since the beginning of July that I haven’t gone to the hospital, seen the doctor, or sent to the ER for anything. Let’s celebrate.
  7. Planning for upcoming travels. Sometimes I get so caught up with the negativities of life that I forget to realize there’s so much ahead of me. I have a few travel plans lined up towards the end of the year and a lot of planning is being made. Crossing fingers they all turn out well!
  8. Midnight cab rides home. I was just thinking about this last night. It’s going to be my last month in my favorite shift (I live for the mid shift) and I realized I need to savor the midnight cab rides home where there is no traffic and the city is quiet and there’s a familiar sense of solitude. I may be overplaying the whole scenario, but that’s just me.
  9. Fujinoya. Because of Foodpanda I’ve been ordering in a lot and Fujinoya has been my go to restaurant mostly because they have everything. I love their sandwiches and selection of simple and delicious cakes.
  10. Positive uncertainty. When I decided to leave my current job to start a new one completely different from anything I’ve ever done before (remote with a little bit of travel), the whole uncertainty initially bothered me like crazy. Then I realized this is a decision I made for myself.. and will hopefully lead me to better and bigger things.
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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v4

When Helga tweeted a reminder yesterday to do this week’s happy things, I realized it’s been over a month since my last one! I just got out of the hospital AGAIN after a 2-day stint (3rd time this year) so this week (actually the whole 2 months of June and July) has been a challenging one. Here I am still powering through! Let’s get it on.

  • Post tonsillectomy recovery. It was a rough couple of weeks but this week was the opening to my full recovery. Goodbye, pain!
  • FOOD. I am finally back to eating normally. You don’t know how happy this makes me.
  • A new company phone. After months of struggling with Java enabled WhatsApp on my old Nokia, my boss in Singapore bought me an Android! Ah. The start of better, productive things.
  • A weekend at the beach. It wasn’t just a weekend at the beach, or my parents’ hometown, or a place that I always go back to.. it was a chance to spend time and bond with my parents for a relaxing 2 days. My dad left for Indonesia again 2 days ago so it was a great opportunity for me to spend that weekend with him because while he was here, much of my time was spent in bed recovering.
  • August. I’d like to think that a new month means a renewal of sorts and a cleanse from all the bad juju of the previous month.
  • A new friend. I’ve been a social recluse lately but I gained a new friend who I am learning a lot from.
  • Foodpanda. Your cravings right at your doorstep. I ordered food while I was in the hospital and they delivered it right to my suite! One of my best friends just became FP’s Operations Manager in Cebu so that comes with supporting him too. The best part is, they take online payment (debit/credit card, PayPal) so you don’t have to scramble for money to pay the delivery guy.
  • Paying bills on time. I admit I’ve been losing track of time lately and have just been paying my bills randomly without following a set schedule. I’m now on my way to tracking my finances right so I don’t lose sight of which bill my money went to.
  • Core Girls Group. Last night was a noisy WhatsApp group night and I almost couldn’t keep up! I’m glad I have my girlfriends even though we’re all spread out across different cities. Cebu. Manila. Jakarta. (sometimes) Singapore. It’s crazy but after almost 2 decades we still have each other.
  • Life’s challenges. As much as I wanted to NOT put this on the list, I realized I have to. These past 2 months have been a major test in my life. Challenge after challenge after challenge. It hasn’t been easy and continues to be a test to myself but knowing I can still wake up the next day and attempt to turn things around should be motivation enough to keep powering through with a smile. This is just temporary.
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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v3


It’s been a crazy, emotional two weeks (I actually believe in the mercury retrograde now) so I made sure to force myself to write this entry to remind myself that everything else isn’t so bad. Still all about myself.

1. Last weekend’s trip to Bohol. My mom turned a year older (fuck you, cancer!) and we decided to celebrate it by packing our bags, tag family along and go to Bohol. Man, I’m glad Bohol is only 2 hours away by fast craft. The resort we stayed in was so beautiful and amazing, and it’s supposed to be the new Bohol luxury resort or something. I really really really needed that weekend for my sanity and some good QT with cousins, and of course, let my best friend see outside Cebu.

2. Drinks and laughs. Last Wednesday I had an unexpected drunken night with friends after such a long time. I laughed so much and I even sang with an acoustic band! My intoxication has sort of taken a backseat this year for reasons involving health and a certain someone, but it was good to let go that night.

3. My last week (in Cebu) with my best friend. This one is quite bittersweet. Noemi officially left for Jakarta today after staying in Cebu for a good 40 days. We were roommates for more than a month and did everything together. I’m gonna miss her so much, but she’ll be here soon and I’ll probably visit Jakarta this year as well. Our yearly visits are always consistent and that’s always something to look forward to.

4. The willingness to improve. There are decisions I made the past week that will hopefully take a turn in self-improvement. Dealing with a lot of inner demons suck, and I’m finally deciding to do something about it.

5. Productive week at “work”. I don’t know if I can say the same with my office job but I (think) totally kicked ass at my remote job this week. On-time deliverables, learned new things, great client-vendor relationships and working with a great team.

6. Catching up with my love-hate best friend. Matt is someone I see every day (weekdays AND weekends), but we take that for granted and don’t communicate like we’re supposed to. The past year I’ve been busy with so many things, and he’s probably 200x busier than I am with all his shenanigans. We sat down for a good 2 hours over dinner on Tuesday and I was met with a much-needed dose of reality that involved me having a good cry on his chest. We’re not perfect friends, but we’re always there for each other.

7. Once again finding out who my real friends are. I’m surrounded by a lot of people, but at this point it makes you realize who really counts. I am glad I have a great support group who will either support my stupid decisions (but be there for me when shit hits the fan) and those people who will give me a good knock on the head when they know I’m doing the wrong thing, in all good intentions.

8. Kremil-S. My hyperacidity has been acting up and this has been my little inexpensive saviour for such episodes!

9. Menstruaaaating. Ever since I started my medical therapy for PCOS my periods have been regular as fuck. YAY and fuck you, PCOS! This also seems to be a recurring theme in my 10 Happy Things.

10. Mom, Papi, Jana. I must have at least done something right in my life to deserve my parents and my sister. Sometimes a pain in the neck, but always my treasures.

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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v2


1. Fun day Monday! Last Monday was a holiday for us so a few friends and I took an impromptu drive to the South of Cebu where we literally chased (5 levels!) waterfalls, and ended the day with a dip in the beach waiting for the sun to set on the horizon right before our eyes. Despite the long drive, it was such a great day for all of us.

2. Being a year older. I had a very extended birthday weekend that stretched from Last Thursday to Monday. I thought nothing could ever top last years’ birthday festivities that stretched up to 10 days, but this year comes close and up to par. I’m always thankful.

3. Signed books! Working in a book publishing company comes with perks, and I received not 1, but 3 signed books from well known authors. I was greeted with a UPS box when I got back to the office with signed hardback books by Jojo Moyes, Gayle Forman, and Lisa Jackson.

4. Accidental make-up ban. Ever since I got back from Singapore I have not bought a single cosmetic. I ran out of my favorite tinted moisturizer and my best friend surprised me by buying one for my birthday!

5. Pay day Friday. Need I say more?

6. A very productive yet tiring work week. I complain about brain drain a lot from working 2 jobs.. but at the end of the day/week I am glad to be doing things that I actually like.

7. Excitement for my boyfriend’s arrival. Auuugghhhh.

8. My mom’s non-serious lab results. She’s been complaining about pain in her hips for a few weeks now and she finally had it checked yesterday. There goes my freaking out again. Having history of breast cancer, these tests are always so nerve wracking for the both of us. Results came out with no sign of cancer (THANK GOD) but she has to take maintenance meds for her kidney stones.

9. Sims Freeplay. After a long day of work, this gives me back the mental balance I need.

10. Yesterday’s yoga class. It gets so grueling at times especially in the middle of practice, but I am ALWAYS so glad I do it at the end.

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Friday’s 10 Happy Things, v1


I feel like the only way I can quickly express my feelings through blogging is by making lists. It’s been a recurring theme ever since the year started. I think I prefer to do it otherwise I start to ramble and so many words start spewing out of my mind and I become incoherent.

Decided to participate in Helga‘s Friday’s 10 Happy Things because well, life has been pretty awesome lately. Even if it isn’t, it’s always good practice looking back on things that make you happy even though life shits bricks at times. Here goes my list!

1. Last weekend’s Singapore trip. This can stem into a lot of sub-happiness plots.. and will be a recurring theme in this list. It was short, but all worth it.

2. #JKTinvadesSG. After last year’s memorable Cebu trip (#JKTinvadesCebu), we made sure we would try our best to see each other at last once a year. Thank goodness we live around Southeast Asia so traveling to reunite makes it a little easier than most friendships that are spread around the world.

3. My boyfriend. We make each other happy, and I think that’s a pretty good feat in itself, no?

4. Best friend is in Cebu!! After our Singapore trip, my best friend decided against buying a return ticket back to Jakarta and took a detour to Cebu to be with me instead. She’s staying here indefinitely (being a freelance artist, she has that perk to work anywhere and anytime in the world) and I couldn’t be more happier!

5. May = birthday month. I always get the freakies when I’m about to turn a year older. Then I realize not much has changed and age will always be a number. I’m still me, just with more experiences and more lessons learned along the way. Cheers to that!

6. Communication Technology. Whether it’s social media, chat apps, Skype, I am so grateful for all of these. Many things in my life wouldn’t be possible without the existence of communication because of technology. It’s how I catch up with friends and family around the world.. especially now that my boyfriend and I are long distance, it’s even more precious and significant.

7. Chocolate. I have been having a lot of throat and respiratory problems all throughout April and I ate my first chocolate yesterday after so long. Aaahhhh. HAPPINESS.

8. Sephora SEA Black Card VIP. Sucks that there’s no Sephora in the Philippines (yet), but when I go to Singapore I always splurge on makeup, and I finally got upgraded to being a black card holder during my last visit. Hah.

9. Excitement. My boyfriend is apparently planning a “suprise” visit and although I HATE IT that I don’t know when (my friends know, ugh, how is that possible), I can’t help but feel excited at the same time. I’m super torn between my dislike for surprises and the whole excitement coming from anticipation.

10. My birth control pills. I’m on my second pack (out of the prescribed 6 for my PCOS) and I don’t wanna jinx this but I am just soooooo happy it hasn’t given me any shitty side effects. Can I get a fuck yes? FUCK YES.

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